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Blue Eyed Cutie

I have just had a great weekend with Mum and Dad here as well as Jemma and Brad. They booked out a holiday home that is only 2 houses down from us which worked out great for disasters like when we ran out of gas in the middle of cooking dinner and trying to bake a birthday cake!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best which limits the activities you can do in town on the coast  as everything is water based.  However the boys did manage to fit in some fishing between showers of rain and Kade and Sabre had a fun playing regardless of the weather. So I had a great time hanging out with the family and we had a yummy breastfast at Monkey Mia before they all left today. 

Check out how cute Ari is these days……..those beautiful blue eyes!


And we also got to dress him in a few outfits as a cute model.  Though I think his days as a model might be limited as he did get cranky after the first dress change!

I also got some time to finish a few Ollie Rose projects…to be revealed in another month or so as well as embellish some of those great new long sleeve tops which will be available shortly.

You may have also noticed that we have had a slight price increase at Ollie Rose.  We have been very reluctant to do this, as we have always wanted to keep our items affordable and so have put it off for as long as we can.  We have sourced some fantastic high quality new shirts and fabrics which are costing us more and as all our items are handmade a lot of work and many many hours goes into creating each one and we feel the need to change our prices to reflect this.   We are so lucky to have some gorgeous loyal customers and we love creating outfits for their children and hope to be able to do so for many years.

We have some beautiful new items currently being made, which I am sure you will love.  Keep an eye out as well for some exciting new handmade products by other WAHM’s we have managed to source, the fabrics are devine and not readily available in Australia.




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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today we celebrated Sabre turning 2. Her actual birthday isn’t until next Thursday but seeing as Mum and Dan, Jemma and Brad and her kids were going to be here this weekend we decided to have a little party for her today.

Sabre has been exited about the prospect of her birthday for about 2 months now. It was obviously a mistake to talk about it way back then as she asked upon waking for those 2 months if it was her birthday and can she eat cake. Then there would be tears whenever I told her it wasnt yet, so we avoided talking about cake, balloons, presents or anything birthday related as much as we could. She would also announce that she was going on a big plane for her birthday. I started trying to explain that we couldnt go on a plane but after a while I just said” mmmmmmm maybe” and then eventually just “yes a big plane” and she would go off satisfied that she was going on a big plane.
Upon finally waking on her party day today she has forgotten the plane idea….but the cake idea was firmly engrained and she asked for cake for breakfast as she does most mornings. We now tell her weetbix is cake.

I had let her pick out what cake she wanted for her birthday and thankfully she picked out a catapiller. I am not a expert at cake making and this was at about my skill level. It turned out very cute in the end.








We had a few little friends over and some party food and Sabre had lots of fun playing… with a peice of cake in her hand at all times.

When it came to the actual birthday cake time it was very funny. She sat at her little table and chairs and everyone gathered and as we all started to sing she burst into tears and ran inside! Poor little thing was quite overwhelmed.  Once she came back out and saw all the kids around the cake she was ok and they all played with the cake and had some to eat.

Of course there were a million too cute pictures of the birthday girl so here are a few in a collage.

And a family shot………awwwwwww.

I made her a sweet birthday outfit…a puff sleeve top with cupcake applique and rosette embelishment and adorable white princess twirl skirt. Tights and cute shoes finish her off.

Stay tuned for more shirts like Sabre’s in the next few weeks on the Ollie Rose site and get your own birthday girl an adorable top too. Skirts to come for spring!



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Yay!-Blank Shirts are here

I am very exited as a new shipment of blank shirts has arrived. Of course I think I underordered as usual even though I thought I was getting heaps as I am sure they will go fast!  They are a great shirt and I am pleased I made the plunge to use them. They are a little more costly than some of the other blank shirts around but I do believe you are getting quality for the extra cost, plus they are in gorgeous colours and styles and they are made Sweatshop Free so you can feel good about them too.

Box of Goodies!

The trouble now is getting the time to work on them. I am just trying to fill some back orders and then hopefully I will have some time to do some gorgeous tops. I have some cute ideas in my head that I can’t wait to try out. I am also hoping to make a few more pant sets which will be the last of the ones I make for this winter. The little lounge sets I made last month were hugely poplular and turned out super cute. This was one of my favourites:

…and I have another one similar coming up for spring. Generally lounge sets are those that consist of a bodysuit/onesie and pants. They are the perfect thing for little baby’s as the bodysuit stays tucked in and ensures baby is warm and comforable-nothing worse than a top riding up under baby’s arms everytime you pick them up. The coolest way to stay warm and look stylish when just lounging around.

I do make some other sets with tops instead of bodysuits and these are just as cute of course especially on the little one who may have starting toddling.

And speaking of bodysuits or onesies I came across some cute pictures of Sabre in some of hers when she was a baby. She practically lived in them as they were comfy, easy and there is something that makes babies seem so cuddly and cute in them. I wasn’t sewing bodysuits for Ollie Rose back then but her wardrobe would have been full of them if I had have been!


Flashback to Sabre\'s onesie wardrobe

So stay tuned for more gorgeous tops and onesies over the next few months.


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Vintage Finds

Lately I have had a bit of a thing for vintage, so on Saturday morning bundled up the kids and went off in search of garage sale bargains.  Of course there were none to be found, so instead I hit the Op shops, where I came across some great old patterns and a folder full of knitting patterns (I can’t knit, but hey you can’t leave them there, they were so cheap).

Mum also came over that afternoon armed with some of her old doll’s patterns and some pattern books from 1977!  It was great looking at them and seeing all the things I can remember her making for my cabbage patch kids.  So I have cut out a doll’s dress to have a try.  Now me not being the sewer in the family, this could be interesting, plus I have boy’s and have no real need for a doll’s dress, but I can’t resist giving it a go.

I also have grand plans to teach myself to crochet. So far all I have achieved is taking an hour to manage a slip knot, somehow I think my crochet and sewing days might be limited to just dreaming!


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Living Isolated

I have truly loved living here in Shark Bay for the last bit over a year but I have to say there are times when it drives me to frustration.

It is a very quaint little seaside town in a World Heritage Listed Area. There are stunning shallow turquoise beaches, all sorts of Marine life is regularly seen and it is a safe clean environment to bring Sabre up in. However since starting up Ollie Rose I find the lack of shopping very hard. There are 2 small supermarkets here both with about 4 tiny aisles…about equivalent to 2 aisles in a big Coles or Woolies. The choices of food is very limited but I sorta have gotten used to that. Fresh food costs a lot more…broccoli is $11kg, lettuces usually $3…and half the time the freshness is very dubious. But as  I said I am used to that now and the shops are very good about getting things in for you if you want something in particular….problem with that however is I am usually not organised enough until I go to make something and realise that I cant get that particular ingredient in town. We try to buy bulk dry items when we go to Geraldton or Carnarvon which are 4 and 3 hours respectively away so that is only about every 2 or 3 months.

Apart from the supermarkets there is a chemist/post office/newsagent one stop shop, a gorgeous little gift store and Pearl Jewellery shop and that is about it!

As far as any sort of sewing or craft items, forget it! Therefore I need to be as organised as I can and try to think ahead. It drives me crazy when I am halfway through sewing something and I realise I haven’t got the right coloured cotton and I cant just pop down to the shops to get it. I have to rely on my poor family to get it and pop it in the post for me. Luckily they are only overnight or 2 day post away. It does mean however that every time I need something I have to add $4 or $5 postage onto it. Sigh…I would love to live in a regional centre or city with all the shirt wholesalers, fabric wholesalers, haberdashery stores etc right there so I could pop down and peruse at my leisure. Though with the sacrifices of not having all that we do have a enjoyable relaxed lifestyle here.

If only there was  city an hour a way, then I could have the best of both worlds!

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Bow Wow

How cute is this puppy print fabric!

It is no secret that delicious chocolate brown is one of my favourite colours( as is the delicious actual  CHOCOLATE…she says chewing a Fantail) .

And what little one doesn’t love cute puppies…..awwww.

So hence why I love the chocolate brown BOW WOW print fabric and I have gone a little nuts with it.I have made, tops, onesies, pants, bibs and a toy (new style to come next month). 

And just whilst we are on the subject of dogs…here is my puppy…well far from a puppy, 8 years old…does that make him 48 in dog years?

 Scout the wonder dog.

And yes…he does have big ears! he hehehe One very energetic but very big softie of a dog. He is  blue heeler cross, kelpie…and part rabbit by the look of those ears! And a big stick lover…by big I mean BIG…

This pic was taken at Packsaddle Falls in Kununurra when we lived there. Now that’s a stick!

So get your hands on some cute Bow Wow outfits on site now! Woof.


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Look whats coming…….

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