Bib Mania!

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Gorgeous, delicious, luxury fabrics.

When is a bib not a bib?………when it is an Ollie Rose bib!

Now before I had my daughter I didn’t even give bibs much thought……..they were just the ugly things you see hanging off babies necks to keep them clean right!?

Wrong! Once Sabre came along and she began on solids bibs needed to be practical but I also wanted them to be stylish. I have never been fond of big ugly cartoon looking bibs. I hated that she would be wearing something adorable underneath but have a big ugly peice of cloth hanging over the top.

And then there is the going out bib. When we go out and about and my husband would pack Sabre’s food bag I would say “No not that bib!…get a going out bib!” . There are the average bibs for at home but then there is a selection of gorgeous going out bibs. After all she would be ooed and aaahed at over the highchair like babies are and I wanted her to look stylish too!

Ok, Ok, I hear you……who cares! Well I did! I thought wouldnt it be nice to have a pretty bib that matched her outfit! A funky bib that was as cool as she is. A bib that made a statement.

So I had to play around with a design to get it just right…big enough to cover across her shoulders and come down far enough to meet the high chair tray. And I had to use press studs. The velcro ones always got full of fluff in the wash and the velcro lost its grip after a while.  Sabre also learnt to pull those ones off in a flash. I sourced some great extra long strong pronged press studs (LOL say that in a hurry!) so that she couldnt pull them off easily but were quick as a flash for me to put on her.

Watermelon is a favourite fruit of Sabre’s so I need the bib to be extra absorbant as I was finding that the juice would still go through some bibs and onto her clothes. 100% cotton towelling it was! Thick, soft and super absorbant.

Finally selecting gorgeous fabrics was the key. Irresistable fabric designer fabrics… Amy Butler,  Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman…….lots of gorgeous fabrics.

And so the Ollie Rose bib was born. Stylish & functional.

Ollie Rose standard bibs are suitable from around 6 months up. I also make a smaller version suitable from birth for those little ones that wear bibs for drooling or milk feeding.

They make gorgeous gifts and can be custom made to match most outfits as well.

For when a bib is not just a bib! 


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