Living Isolated

June 20, 2008 at 8:56 am Leave a comment

I have truly loved living here in Shark Bay for the last bit over a year but I have to say there are times when it drives me to frustration.

It is a very quaint little seaside town in a World Heritage Listed Area. There are stunning shallow turquoise beaches, all sorts of Marine life is regularly seen and it is a safe clean environment to bring Sabre up in. However since starting up Ollie Rose I find the lack of shopping very hard. There are 2 small supermarkets here both with about 4 tiny aisles…about equivalent to 2 aisles in a big Coles or Woolies. The choices of food is very limited but I sorta have gotten used to that. Fresh food costs a lot more…broccoli is $11kg, lettuces usually $3…and half the time the freshness is very dubious. But as  I said I am used to that now and the shops are very good about getting things in for you if you want something in particular….problem with that however is I am usually not organised enough until I go to make something and realise that I cant get that particular ingredient in town. We try to buy bulk dry items when we go to Geraldton or Carnarvon which are 4 and 3 hours respectively away so that is only about every 2 or 3 months.

Apart from the supermarkets there is a chemist/post office/newsagent one stop shop, a gorgeous little gift store and Pearl Jewellery shop and that is about it!

As far as any sort of sewing or craft items, forget it! Therefore I need to be as organised as I can and try to think ahead. It drives me crazy when I am halfway through sewing something and I realise I haven’t got the right coloured cotton and I cant just pop down to the shops to get it. I have to rely on my poor family to get it and pop it in the post for me. Luckily they are only overnight or 2 day post away. It does mean however that every time I need something I have to add $4 or $5 postage onto it. Sigh…I would love to live in a regional centre or city with all the shirt wholesalers, fabric wholesalers, haberdashery stores etc right there so I could pop down and peruse at my leisure. Though with the sacrifices of not having all that we do have a enjoyable relaxed lifestyle here.

If only there was  city an hour a way, then I could have the best of both worlds!


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