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Featured Item: Bib & Burp Packs

These have become my favourite gift for the new mum, they are so handy.   Mine were used to death in those early days of having a new baby, especially one who didnt seem to keep much milk in his tummy.

Whilst about and about cuddling my baby after a feed, I really did not want an old nappy draped over my shoulder, so these were great.  They stay put, are very functional and best of all they look good.

Ollie Rose Bib & Burp Cloth Packs – $19.95


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All in one day

Amazing what I can achieve when I have a full day to myself. Dan had today off so I got sewing early and managed to do 3 skirt sets and 1 boys shirt. It would normally take me about 4 days to do all that. Just have to add swing tags and things and then they can go on the complete rack. You wont see them on site just yet though…they are for the spring range so we are saving them for another few weeks.

The shop is fairly empty at the moment but give it another few weeks and there will be plenty to choose from.

I also managed to get quite a bit done last week as Dan’s parents were visiting so whilst they played with Sabre I also got lots of work out of the way. Alot of it was computer based as Jemma and I finalised some transactions to get new stock but there was a little bit of sewing done too. Was great having Mum and Dad Oz here..I had forgotten how much more relaxing my morning cup of tea is without Sabre climbing all over me or complaining that she NEEDS to jump up on the lounge.  Plus there were a few really good weather days with them allowing for some nice outdoor time and they got to enjoy a nice scenic day trip with Sabre to the Point. Must invest in a caravan for Sabre…she was occupied for ages playing in the van!

Dan is working the rest of the week however so no doubt things will slow down a little but I would like to think I will tackle a few more shirts during the week….we’ll see! I was looking back through my photo’s of all the sold items over the last year and a half. There was a few cute things I had forgotten about. I tend to get sidetracked and create so many new things all the time but I was inspired to go back and repeat a few designs again. So here is a flashback of a few early outfits.




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How cute is this

Whilst having a bit of a browse tonight I came across this gorgeous photo of Michelle’s little girl Evie wearing her Ollie Rose dress.   The beautiful photo was taken by Carrie Young.  Carrie is a Gero girl and takes the most devine photographs – on my wish list for Christmas is a photo session, come on Santa!

If you haven’t seen her work before make sure you check it out she really does take the most stunning photos.  Click here for Carrie’s Blog.

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Competition Time……..

How would you like to win an Ollie Rose Bib or a $10 gift voucher?

During August we are holding two competitions.

Subscribe to our newsletter and go in the draw to win an a $10 voucher to be used at Olllie Rose. 

Already subscribed?

Then send us a picture of your little one wearing an Ollie Rose outfit and why you love it.  The winner will receive an Ollie Rose Bib.  Made with gorgeous design fabrics and backed with flannelette for extra absorbency our bibs are loved by mums.

Both offers valid until August 31st.  Winners will be notified by email.  Voucher valid until 30/09/08 and can be used on any items in store, however is not applicable to custom orders.

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Christmas in July


We are calling for expressions of interest in Christmas shirts.

If you are interested in a Christmas Shirt this year we ask you to please contact us by leaving a message here or email  to express your interest.  This is only to gauge interest and there is no commitment to buy.

Shirts will be made using our quality sweatshop free blanks and retail at $24.95. They will feature gorgeous deisgner fabric appliques. Designs to be revealed October.

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Psssst……… wanna be the first to find out when these goodies arrive?

It is so hard not to get excited with all the new things we have coming over the next month……….. so we have decided to let you all in on a sneak peak of a small sample!   Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out when they arrive:

For many of these great new handmade items we are the first shop in Australia to stock, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

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Working Conditions

I often get asked how do I manage to get any work done with a toddler in the house with me all day. Well some days nothing gets done but playdoh, paint, feeding and averting tantrums all day and other days Sabre is very good at playing on her own and keeping herself amused.

I sort of go with the whole theory of let her do what she likes as long as it is safe and it means I get 15 minutes to do something. The house can look like a disaster zone as I let her and sometimes encourage her to get into everything to get just 5 mintues to do something.

I work in dribs and drabs throughout the day when she is awake but most of the sewing gets done during her afternoon nap and at night time.

Most mornings start with me checking emails and packing up any orders in amongst making toast, bathing Sabre, drinking copious amounts of tea and having breakfast. Sabre is then allowed to watch Playschool which gives me a good half an hour as she is glued to that show. Once we have that days orders ready for posting we head off to the post office. For the remainder of her wake time if there is no playgorup, story time or morning teas on and I have work that needs doing I set her up with an activity, usually drawing, playdoh or watering plants with the watering can.

If all else fails and she is in a clingy mood she HELPS me sew by sitting on my lap and as I go I remove pins and it is her job to put them in the pin cushion. This is her most favourtie job! She knows they are sharp and to be careful but she tediously picks up each one and pops it in the cushion saying “there…did it” as she goes. Other times she will sit on my lap and watch the machine go sucking her thumb and having a cuddle.

Some days however I have to give up completely on getting much work done at all but I don’t mind as I have to have my days off too so we use those days to take advantage of a nice walk down town or spend the day looking for “boflies” (butterflies).


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