Behind the Scenes

August 30, 2008 at 2:24 am Leave a comment

When designing a shirt our outfit probably the most time consuming part is all the behind the scenes work.

Wash day is a long but necessary process to make sure everything is preshrunk. My most dreaded part is the ironing of the meters of fabric afterwards. Groan!…

I also have a mock shirt where I do test runs of stitches, fabrics and ribbons to check they will hold up in the wash. I sew examples of the designs to it and it gets thrown in the wash about once a week so I can check how things are washing.  If they pass that test then I am happy to use that technique or material on designs for the shop. 

For creating the designs I usually start with a few sketches and scribbles of the idea in my head. I carry a notebook around with me when I can. Otherwise I just use whatever bit of scrap I can find to jog something down on. I have done a great deal of idea sketching on car trips to Geraldton. With hours to sit and think it is nice to watch sketches develop into designs for clothing and shirts.

I then start to make my sketches into outfits.   Choosing the fabrics that work best together is probably the hardest part. This could have something to do with all the gorgeous fabric choices I have….too many choices! 

It is the fabric that really helps tie the design together and make all the difference of a well designed piece as opposed to a few bits of scrap thrown on a shirt so I find this step quite time consuming.  Once I am happy with how it looks away I go.

Often I will only make one or two in the same design as the idea will evolve or change and I see it become something else. I wont usually do more than about 6 identical ones but with each one being hand cut and sewn anyway there are always slight differences to make each one unique.

There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into everything so some days I feel like I am not achieving much, but I might have spent the whole day washing, ironing and testing products. Which is pretty much what happened today! I have  nothing to show but a nicely washed, ironed and folded pile of blank shirts and new fabrics.

So as you can see we spend a great deal of time perfecting our patterns and designs and working hard to provide you with original designs.  It would appreciated if you see our items you would afford us the same respect and not directly reproduce our designs as your own.



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