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Getting ready for market day!

We have been busy getting ready for Geraldton’s Patchwork Clubs Annual Craft Fair which will be held on Sunday, October 5th at the Netball Stadium from 10 am to 4 pm.    This is Geraldton’s largest craft fair and happens to fall the day after our cousins wedding, so it is extra busy getting prepared for extra house guests and family get togethers as well.

We have some great new styles in the taggy giraffe as well as some other brand new taggy toys!

Stacks of bibs and gift packs…

and plenty of gorgeous magnets.

If you are in or around Geraldton on the weekend make sure you call in, there are over 40 stallholders and lots of great crafts on display!  Hope to see you there!


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The Photographer in the Family

If you live in Geraldton you might have noticed the Centro Stirlings Smile photo competition in the shopping centre and this entry from our sister Marnie of Sabre falling over a ball.

And it was the winner!!!!!  Whoo hoo now Marnie has a great present she can give us for Christmas! 🙂

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Playing Dress Up

Currently I am babysitting all the Ollie Rose stock and I must say it is extremely hard to resist wanting to nab all of my favourites. Every time I see a new outfit that Kobie has created I am amazed at how gorgeous it looks and I want one as well. Quite often I only ever see them in photographs until we get together. The photos never do the clothes justice of how well made and beautiful they are.

This little outfit did make it’s way into Ari’s wardrobe and today whilst out we had so many comments on how cute he looked in it. It was nice to have comments other than how chubby his cheeks are 🙂


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Gorgeous Boys

There are some pretty cute little boys out there wearing some Ollie Rose outfits and we just had to share these of our customer Carolines two boys.   Such beautiful photos and children.



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6 faces

Taking pictures of Sabre is proving to be difficult lately. She has learnt that the camera means she needs to pose. So she has taken to doing some very silly faces whenever it is pulled out making getting a nice shot very difficult!

The Tounge face…

The “I am not happy about getting my picture taken” face…

The “now I am angry” face…

The hand under the chin pose…

And finally a nice pleasant face…

The last face to show is a cute Napoleon Bear on his way to his new home. When wrapping him in the tissue for his journey it just seemed so wrong to cover his cute face what with his little eyes that staring back at me. So I just wrapped him like a baby instead. Then I proceeded to pop  him head first into the Aussie Post bag which sorta defeated the purpose! LOL.


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Time for a Share

We have received a few more pictures lately from our lovely customers so would like to take the opportunity to show you some of the very cute kids that out there wearing Ollie Rose.

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The Great Cloth Hunt

This month Ollie Rose is a sponsor in Diaper Decisison Great Cloth Hunt.  If you have never heard of it before, it is an icon treasure hunt through a range of WAHM sites where you can win some great prizes.  So if you have noticed any strange things on our site, they are our secret clues.  And below is they pesky icon hunters must find.

If you are a hunter, don’t get excited, the one above is not the one you are searching for – sorry for the tease!

One of the great things about the hunt is that when singing up you will also get a discount code to use at many of the stores including Ollie Rose.  So why not take advantage and get our discount code for 10% off our entire store. 

Happy Hunting!

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