Moonlight Camping

September 4, 2008 at 4:11 am 1 comment

Well it has been nearly 3 weeks since our camping trip. I was always meaning to blog about it but it has taken me this long to get around to it. Maybe because I am still in shock and trying to put it out of my memory..?

Well I am being over melodramatic somewhat…..but it was a complete disaster!

Dan and I LOVE camping and enjoyed it  a lot before Sabre. Of course pre-child we boasted how kids don’t stop you doing those things you just have to get out there and do it and all that sorta thing people without kids sprout. As a child I remember camping a lot and loved it.

Now when S was little we did take her and it was very easy, feed, sleep, fresh air…bliss. Now toddlerhood is completely different. We took her when she was 18m old and that didn’t got too well, she was great in the day, it was warm so we did lots of swimming, the night wasn’t the best as she hardly slept in the tent that night and she is usually a fantastic sleeper so we didn’t really enjoy that trip as much the next day.

This time we headed to the lovely Nanga Bay. It is the type of camping without camping as such. Reminds us of El Questro Township type of thing where you can buy supplies if you need to and there are a few luxuries like a restaurant, toilets, showers etc. We thought this would be the best idea so we could take minimal supplies as we would be able to eat in the restaurant one of the two nights. It always amazes me how much gear  you need to take when camping. Sure some of it is overkill but it is nice to be organised and have things to make it that little bit more comfortable.

We picked a powered site. Now that felt a little funny, all the vannies (caravaners) in the sites around us gave puzzled looks as we put our tent up in the middle of van city. Generally the tenties have one area and the vans the large powered sites. The site was one of the better ones along side a path that lead over the dune to the beach, around the corner from the toilet block and shaded by the adjoining cabin accomodation which is why we chose it.

At long last we have the tent assembly down pat so that didnt take us too long. Then it was time for a sunset beer on our lovely campsite. All was going well.

That night the moon was bright. And I mean bright. It was a full moon and in the still of the surrounding bushland it was as if we were camping under a fluorescent light. Sabre and I shared the blow up double mattress and Dan had his swag. And down hill it went. Sabre stayed up until around 8.30 when we all retired for the you do when you camp…early nights, early mornings.

However little Miss Restless fidgets and wiggles AAAALLLLL night. And when you are on an airbed this is not good. With every fidget she would sit up and whisper…”What’s that noise mummy” to every flap of the tent, slam of a caravan door, gust of wind, ants sneeze…..

Then the mattress proceeded to go flat on us.

Then Sabre would get up and walk around the tent at who knows what hour of the night and ask to go out to the beach. Then roll all over me trying to cuddle and talk.

Day break comes and even though I am so tired I cant wait to get out of the flat bed and remove Sabre from my head.
Breakfast …disaster. Forgot the vegemite. In our house that is a disaster. Tried cooking crumpets on just the little gas butane burner…took about 20 minutes to brown one but got there in the end. My only saviour was cups of tea.

Now the best thing about our powered site was that we could bring the kettle! I couldn’t stop grinning at the site of the electric stainless steel kettle amongst the dust and bushes that was our camp kitchen. Was quite a sight.

But with gorgeous weather the next day I managed to get over my tiredness by spending a very relaxing day on the beach and around the park. There is a small heated pool as well as the big pool (which was much too cold) and a little but run down playground.

Unfortunately there were no other kids in sight so Sabre soon became a bit bored with our company and began to whine. We kept encouraging her to go off and explore but I think her tiredness held her back and made her a bit clingy. She also didn’t want to eat any of the food we took along so complained about that all day too. Sigh. It is all getting a bit too hard. An icecream in the afternoon was a temporay fix.

It was lovely laying by the seaside all day but I must say I do find it hard to have idle hands these days. I did take along a little bit of sewing…just a teeny bit I swear…a handful of Taggy Giraffe’s that needed hand stitching. That is a pile of them stuffed in the camp chairs cup holder. It was quite lovely sitting in the warm sunshine stitching away.

The second night we ate at the cafe and by this time Sabre was a bit of a mess, nearly falling asleep before we had eaten and asking to go home and saying “I not like camping”. A few hot chips later and she had perked up a little and kept the mostly grey haired tourists entertained by dancing and talking to them.

Back to the tent for another night under the moonlight. Did i mention it was bright? Sabre went to bed well and  things started off good for the first few hours, but again down went the mattress, fidget fiddle, sigh, “whats that noise”, cough, get up , lay down, turn over, turn the other way….morning couldn’t come soon enough.

Now by this time we were all well and truly tired and grumpy. Sabre was over it completely and complaining to go home. For someone who normally sleeps around 14 hours a day she was now running on about 5 hours and not doing well.
We packed the tent up in record time and were back on the road home by 8.30am! The half hour journey home was in silence. Sabre had fallen asleep in the car and Dan and I were so tired we couldn’t talk. We also hated to admit defeat and that our camping lives may have come to a drastic end as we vowed NEVER to take her camping again!

Now here we are coming up to 3 weeks later and a bit like childbirth the pain has numbed. We now say we will do it again, just next time NOT on a full moon and with another family …any takers?…



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  • 1. Sara  |  September 5, 2008 at 2:33 am

    hahaha – naughty little grub. I can just imagine you all in that tent with Sabre wandering around talking to you – teehee.


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