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Something very scary!

Ok in the spirit of Halloween….I thought I would show you something very scary indeed.

My spare room!


After returning home from holidays yesterday everything was dumped in here. Fabric is dumped on shelves as the tubs it is normally in were needed to transport all the Ollie Rose stock with me, there are bags and bags of shopping, piles of paperwork, mounds of mess!

Now holidays did include a shopping trip to the much loved IKEA SUPER STORE in Perth. My goodness that is quite a shop! I was utterly amazed.

Anyway a lot of that shopping included storage boxes and a new desk in which to organise this chaos. So begins the mammoth task of creating some order into this spare room/studio/guest room/storeroom.

I will post a picture of it all completed…no doubt this will be in about 2 months time!

Now where to begin……




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MCN’s and Summer Play Sets

When I had my first baby I decided I was going to give cloth nappies a go.  So I stocked up on terry towelling squares and off I went.  I think I lasted sporadically for about 3 months before as I gave up as I could just never master getting them to not fall off.

When my second baby was born I had discovered MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies) and the cute fabrics and styles had sucked me in, and best of all they were easy  to use.

One of the reasons I get excited when Kobie has created a new outfit for Ari is that I know that on the days I choose to put him in MCN I have more choice in cute clothes he can wear, as the pants are so much more roomier in the toosh area unlike many of his store brought pants.

In summer MCN are also great as you can pop your baby in a nappy and singlet and you have a little outfit on its own. In fact custom orders can be made to get a little matching tshirt or singlet to your MCN providing we have a suitable matched fabric.

Now that the weather is warming up, we have been working on our summer bloomer sets which we hope to have in store soon – so keep an eye out for them.  Here is a little preview.  We have in a few styles for both girls and boys! Perfect to cover the not so pretty nappies and keep baby cool and comfortable as well as look completely cute and funky.


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A quick look at some Ollie Rose Items

For something a little bit different, here is a look at a few of our favourite Ollie Rose handmade items, just perfect for kids.

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Stylish Washcloths

We have some cute new washcloths in store. These are great for keeping in your nappy bag when out and about.  In designer cotton fabrics, they are backed with soft towelling.

They also make a great gift for baby showers or to pop in that hamper for a new baby.

You can find them HERE

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Hot Dogs!

You will LOVE these Dacshunds by Alice Apple of the UK! They are beautifully made with funky fabrics and ooze character. In fact I had a hard time wrestling them away from Sabre after photographing them.

There are big ones and mini’s and we are uploading them to the site over the next few days.

Get your Hot Dog now!

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Jumping Jack

Whilst staying at Mum and Dad’s I tried to get some interesting mid air shots of the new Reversible Tunics designs. Whilst most shots Sabre had her tongue out, brow furrowed in concerntration… LOL…just like her Dad!… I did get a few that were ok.  It is an idea I will try again another day to see if I can get some better ones.

The tunic did look cute though. I have 2 new patterns on the site and the one in these pictures is the blossom tunic. They are only on there up to size 1 at the moment but I will custom make other sizes where I can until I can get the bigger size on.

These reversible tunics have always been very popular and I on my mile long to do list is to make Sabre a new one for this summer. We got heaps of wear out of her 2 last summer and through the winter.

The other design I made is very bright and fun with a retro feel. It has a bird applique on the spotted side which was an instant hit with Sabre. She is modelling this one whilst chasing chooks around in Jemma’s backyard. Sabre just LOVES the chooks.





This funny lady was found roosting in a pot plant…a few clucks later and she left an egg!


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Craft Markets & End of Nappy Hunt

Wow it has been an extremely busy month at Ollie Rose during September.  The Nappy Hunt is now over and we hope everyone enjoyed our mini hunt.

On the weekend we attended the Geraldton Patchwork Clubs Annual Craft Fair and it was an fantastic day.  There were some great stalls for everyone to see and the crowds were very large.  It is great to see such a good turn out of locals supporting an event.

So after such a busy month our stocks are quite low. There are a few new items to see now and over the next couple of weeks we hope to bring you lots more new items, so keep an eye out!

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