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Taking a Break


Next year promises to be a huge year for Ollie Rose and as such we are taking a bit of a break from our blog in preparation.

Ollie Rose is on the move in a few short weeks to a new location, and with having to pack an entire busines and household and then unpack it all at the new location, the next few months are going to be flat out. 

Shortly we will be closing all custom orders for the next couple of months to allow time to finish the ones we are currently completely as well as two current wholesale orders.

So if we don’t get time to do it, we wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we thank you for all the support everyone has shown us over the past year.

There are a heap of new items in the store so go have a squizz, don’t miss out on the new Molly dresses, in some beautiful fabrics, they are gorgeous.

nov-266   nov-267



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Home Projects

Here is what I did with one of the other frames. Not quite happy with it. I need to pull it apart and move the branch down a bit more. It is just a paper flower stem from Spotlight that I cut down and arranged. I think the whole frame is too small. I will probably move it into a bigger frame one day.


Then this project I did last summer but again wasn’t quite what I had envisaged! I hadn’t taken into account the foam ball would melt with the hot glue gun so it got a bit messy and uneven and I collected only just enough shells to cover it so as I got towards the end they were spaced a bit more uneven but I just sit it on that side and no one would know! Still looks fairly effective in the bowl of some weird torture piece! Don’t think I will be re-doing this one however as I got the shells from a beach about 40minutes away and it took ages to collect enough!




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Cookie Monster

Promised little S that we would do some baking today. Cookies for the cookie monster. Delicious sprinkled cookies! We are just about to take a few down to Daddy’s work. I am sure the boys will be impressed to be eating sprinkle cookies! LOL.




It also inspired me to get out my Play Time Sugar Cookies and finish uploading them to the shop. Sold quite a few of these at the markets and they are a sweet addition to the play kitchen. Made with felt and sequins they are one for the older kids, recommended for over 3 years, as they look so delicious little ones who dont know better might really try to eat them! They come in a little gift box and children will be delighted to pop these in the play oven and then serve them up to Mr Teddy and Friends at a lovely afternoon tea.




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Unfinished Business

Well it has been a few days of getting some projects out of the too hard basket and finishing them. Others will probably remain there until infinity. I have 2 big baskets full of skirts, dresses, tees and toys that I have have started and not finished for one reason or another. Some need fixing, others didn’t hold my interest. They all go into the basket to look at another day. Sadly that day hardly ever comes.

I did however manage to finish this personalised piece of art for little Miss’room. Now I had cut all this out over 8 months ago and had it sitting in the frame all at the bottom of my too hard basket because I wanted to change a few pieces. I did have plans of making the font a bit fancier and changing the papers I used but if I waited to do that it really wouldn’t have ever made it out of the too hard basket. I still like the way it turned out and I will probably change it once we redo her room for her big girl bed anyway. It has her name and date of birth underneath (blurred out)



I have another 2 frames the same. One I will keep for a rainy day or maybe make another one for someone else and the other I am working on another 3D picture for the living area. Just need to wait for lovely husband to dig out the wire cutters for me from the hell that is the back storeroom!

Something else I found at the bottom of my basket was this sweet quilt…another project about 9months old. (the basket is almost historically dated due to layers-layer 12 is about 9 months old, layer 13 10months and so on!) This is a very pretty little quilt, perfect play mat or stroller size. I got mum to piece all the charm squares together and all I was supposed to do was edge it and back it but unfortunately it got put in my basket and there it has remained. Really must get back to this one. Seeing it again has made me fall back in love with it. From memory it was Moda Spring??


And then there is the spare room where all the magic happens. Now a few weeks back I showed what a disaster it was looking like since returning from holidays. I had hoped by now that I would be able to post gorgeous pics of a studio a bit like these:



Pics of Pottery Barn Study Spaces…oh to have access to this stuff!

Unfortunatley it is nothing like that. Still just like the original just tidier. We havent unpacked the new desk, chair or storage boxes as there is a possible house move on the horizon so we figure we will just wait. I have made the space tidier and there is more order but nothing worthy of pics yet. So continue to stay tuned for that one!


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What to do with a little bird?


The other day whilst having a bit of a browse in the local shops I came across these little birds.  I have seen them before however at the time they did not have any green ones, so I was very excited to find these.  My house is decorated in a lot of green and brown (I know it sounds like a forest, but trust me it isn’t).

I have 3 of them and am thinking of attaching them to some rustic looking twine and hanging down a small wall I have near one of my doors, or alternatively placing some white twigs in a glass vase and hanging them off that ala christmas tree? 

I did try to snap a branch off mum’s tree yesterday (sorry mum), but it just didn’t work (slight skin injury and weird broken twig), so I might head for a walk down the river this afternoon to see what I can discover.

I was planning on drilling holes into my walls today to do all of this, and hang the mountains of pictures and other pieces I seem to be accumulating, but it would seem motivation has left me for now.  I think I might instead head to my friend Jack’s for a wine, hmmm home decorating or wine, such a hard choice!


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Sweet Knit

I have just come across this blog after Kylie left a comment and found her very sweet dress on it.


How gorgeous is that! Makes me wish I could knit. I also love how the print of the skirt looks knitted too. Kylie you are a very clever lady!

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Home Decorating

Well I have been super busy this morning! I have made a quilt cover for the double bed, two single bed covers for the bunks, 3 pillows, 3 cushions, recovered the lounge, new bath matt, table runner, strand of bunting, painted a canvas and made a shaggy fur rug for the lounge. Phew. I am exhausted.

Here are some pics:




I got this lovely Plan Toys dollhouse for Sabre second hand and gave it to her for her birthday. There is quite a bit of damage to some of the furniture but with a bit of dowl and plugs here and there I can probably fix most of it. It was also in need of an updated decorators look. I used fabrics from the lovely Moda Blossom Range. The table runner didn’t quite work out…I cut up an old straw place mat but of course it all comes apart  once the binding is cut so I tried to sew over it but it was very messy. Might try to redo this later, or give them a lovely fabric one. The shaggy floor rug in the lounge is minky.

I am on the hunt for some new kitchen furniture to do the ground floor but for now I hope the lovely little family is happy with their home makeover.

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