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Easter Treats

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolate! mmmmmmmmmmmm even better HOT CROSS BUNS. I am one of those people much to my mothers horror that eats hot cross buns weeks before Easter. For my mum they are only for Easter day and the week or so after that. I like to stretch it out over months….I mean why wouldn’t you extend the goodness for a month or two. I am off to buy my first pack this weekend. I can taste it now!

Another Easter goodie is our range of cute Easter treats that are the perfect little pressie for those little babies that really are too young to try the chocolate yet.

These funky little Rattly Rabbit Rattles will be a much loved and unique handmade baby gift in place of a sugar filled treat.


There are 4 funky characters listed now… Whimsy, Pebbles, Rodeo and Nouveau.

And these embellished tshirts will be a fun and cute way to celebrate the holiday and look sweet all the year round.


feb-018Beautiful thick quality shirts, designer cottons and fluffy little tails. A truly special unique shirt.

Currently the shirts are listed in 2 sizes but if you would like another please contact us for a custom request.

Edited to add in the sweetest baby sunsuit available also!



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Designers Emporium Blog

A big thank you to Rachael over at Designers Emporian Blog for featuring our  Baby Babushka Rattles on their fabulous blog.


It is a great blog which features many designers and talented artists, so we are very excited to rate a mention 🙂

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Got the Monday Blues?

Well cheer up and cool down with some icy blue items that are available in store now!


I don’t know about where you live, but where we are it has certainly started to get hot! So to cool us all down, I thought today I would feature some nice refreshing blue things from the Ollie Rose store.

I can feel the shivers starting already thinking about ice cold blue water and cold winter days – can you?

Left to right: Fishy Fishy Polo shirt-size 2 $22.95, Robot Short and vest set size 00 $29.95, Joey Onesie-custom made $18.95,Chocolate delight Washcloths $7.95, Elephant baby vest-Size 000 $14.95, Retro play bib $9.95, 3pce elephant set-size 000 $32.95, Bubble dot beach set-Size 0 $35.95, Birthday Tshirt-size 1 $24.95, Holly Splat Snap $5.95, Vintage Transport bunting $14.95, Fish Key ring $10.95 , Blue Spot Giraffe Rattle $15.95, and Robot Tshirts-Sizes 6-12m and 12-18m $17.95

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Babushka Baby Rattle


Have you noticed the new Baby Babushkas in store yet?  They have been hiding in there for a week or so now, but we haven’t had a chance to give them a mention yet.

They are just the right size for little hands and have a lovely head of tags to explore and a rattle sound when shaken.  They are also completely machine washable, which is extra handy.

There are more styles coming including one made from our very own printed fabric.

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Gift Giving

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like there are new babies popping out everywhere? ( I use the term “popping out” with humour as we all know that ain’t how it happens!!) I know many of my friends and friends of friends lately have had little bundles of joy and it seems like there are strollers everywhere you go these days.

New babies are such an exiting time in parents lives so why not bring a little more joy with an Ollie Rose gift set.

The combinations are endless:

Onesie and matching bib….for the ultimate in coordinating style…baby can wear their stylish outfit and then when it is meal or milk time there is no spoiling that special outfit whilst wearing a matching bib.



Onesie, bib and shoulder burp cloth make up a 3 piece set.



Bib and Burp Cloth Set…for a practical but stylish gift to catch whatever mess baby throws at you. Features a smaller size bib perfect for milk feeding and first starting solids and the Shoulder Burp Cloths are essential with a new baby.


Burp and Wash….more practical style.


Or why not go for a little bit of everything with an ultimate set.


Maybe get a toy, or bib made to match an outfit that you have fallen in love with.


Or come up with a combination that suits the new parents and baby.


The choices can be endless so the fun is picking what to choose! Gift sets are listed in the baby and accessories sections.

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New Gallery Location

As our gallery of past creations was getting rather large on our site, we have moved it to a flickr album.  This will allow us to keep it updated more often and an easier spot for you to browse previous creations we have made as well as the many custom outfits we make.

You can find it here:


Custom 1st Birthday Outfit.

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Victorian Bushfire Appeal

The Bushfire tragedy has just been such a horrific disaster to watch unfold over the last few days. It has saddened us so much to think so many lives were lost in these terrible fires and how so many others are left with nothing.

Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones and in order to help those in need we are participating in several auctions of Ollie Rose items to raise money.

You can buy this little guy on our etsy store here: – SOLD


and this one can be purchased by visiting this Etsy Store here: red-brick

All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal.

Also please check out the other fabulous handmade items here all raising money to the Bush Fire Appeal.


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