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Oooh la la!

Feast your eyes on a hint of the fabulous new dresses in store soon. Collection of pretty Lola and Molly dresses in stunning fabrics…..lets start thinking Spring!

July 058

As you can see the “morning/all day” sickness is wearing off YAY, and some progress is being made!



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Something new for the messy eaters amongst us

We are so pleased to be offering another version of bib to our collection. The DELUXE MICRO-FIBRE BIB. This fabulous bib is made using gorgeous designer cotton prints and is backed in the  most divine micro-fibre towelling that feels as amazing as it is practical.

July 054

Micro-fibre is super soft and super absorbent…just when you thought it couldn’t get any more absorbent than our cotton towelling backed bibs! It also feels so luxurious and soft.

What also makes this deluxe bib even more great is it’s super size! It measures approx 27cm across and 33cm long. It also has an adjustable neck with 2 strong snap closures so you can get the perfect fit as your little one grows.

July 063 2

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July 062

July 063

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Catch Up

The poor old blog keeps getting neglected of late with life always seeming to get in the way, so here is a brief catch up on some treasuries from Etsy where our rattles were featured and some other bits & bobs.



We also had a lovely email from Jen who gave one our rattling rabbits as a gift to Cintia of My Poppet on the birth of her new baby.  You can see all the other fabulous handmade gifts that Cintia received on her blog My Poppet.   It is lovely for one of our items to be included with such great other items.


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Update from Kobie

Well it has been some time since I have poked my head onto the blog. There has been a pretty good reason though……….I am17 weeks pregnant! It is only now that I am starting to feel slightly human again. I dont even know where the last 17 weeks have gone. Somewhere between the toilet and the lounge mostly! I suffer from horrible “afternoon sickness” and haven’t really felt very well up until the last 2 weeks or so. Even now I go through stages, dinner time and the evenings the worst, and just making sure I don’t let myself get too hungry or tired, but at last there is light at the end of the toilet bowl as I begin to have more good hours than bad.


Apart from the sickness I am terribly exited and overjoyed to be pregnant again. I definately don’t seem to be one of the glowing pregnant women but I love how you can instantly bond with the tiny prawn like bump in your belly that it makes all the sickness so worth it.

I have certainly struggled over the last few months to do a lot of sewing of late however this week has seen a few projects get finished ready for next months newsletter. We are also pleased to stocking another shipment of gorgeous Mountain Aven lounge sets also available next month………….

MA1   MA2

…not to mention a gorgeous new handmade label………lots of girly items, you will love it…..but we will keep you in suspense for a bit longer.

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Blog This: Challenge 8

Bought something fabulous lately? Wanna share? Wanna brag? Blog some pictures, write a sonnet about it, tell the story about how you got it in the house without your husband noticing. What made you buy it? Have you been secretly coveting it for a while? Or are you an impulse shopper. And of course, now you have it, was it worth it??

Having a tiny shopping addiction, I had to think long and hard about this.  Do I mention the cool bed my son has got, something nifty I brought for the garden, a delightful handcrafted item I recently purchased, what should I dedicate this blog post to?

I decided to do it for something I use nearly every day and would be lost with out – Envirosax.

PG_B2_D-2T   PG_B3_D-2T

Love em,  love em, love em.  Be gone horrible daggy coles green bags, and hello funky shopping bag.   Envirosax roll up nice and small so I can easily keep one in my handbag and one in my nappy bag and all those colours and patterns are addictive. 

In fact I can colour match my outfit with my envirosax now! 

I was excited when I heard Target where doing away with their plastic bags – why?  Another reason to use my envirosax of course, ahhh the joy and excitement of whipping one out at the check out whilst other shoppers are grumbling over having to pay for a plastic bag!

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Kookie Kids Giveaway


Want a chance to win one of our rattles?

There is a giveaway on Kookie Kids, so make sure you enter for your chance to win:

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Etsy Treasury

Thank you to everyone for including an Ollie Rose item in your treasury. 

The one below is currently up, so pop on over and leave a comment HERE – Thanks to JaEmArt


Here are a few others that popped up ove r the last couple of weeks



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