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Lovely fabrics are inspiring

I received my package from Handmade Kids in the post and was immediately inspired to get started on the Challenge. When I first saw the fabrics I thought wow, they weren’t anything I would have traditionally picked but I loved this about them immediately. Took me out of my comfort zone. I instantly knew what I wanted to make and set about it straight away.

Nothing like new fabrics in the post to get you motivated. I do tend to get sick of looking at the same ones all the time which I why most things I make are one offs and limited editions as I am addicted to new fabrics. And why wouldnt you be with the huge range out there!

Anyway here is a sneak pic of my nearly finished entry. No prizes for guessing what I have made! LOL

July 103

If you are not taking part in the challenge make sure you get over to the Handmade Kids blog once the prizes made by lots of different crafts  folk are all uploaded to put in your entry to win!


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Handmade Wooden Teethers and Toys

We are delighted to now be stocking an lovely range of HANDMADE wooden teethers and toys.

When you want to surpass all the “plastic fantastic” toys and opt for something a little more natural not to mention something lovingly handcrafted this range is for you.



Some things that Colleen the amazing creater of these items has to say:

“In 2007 my greatest inspiration arrived in the form of my son, Evan James.

I started to plan his nursery in painstaiking detail, a tailored bedskirt with a rose cheniile piping, an embroidered bumper, matching drapery, a custom changing table, wall plaques, bookends, a quilted wall hanging and finally, a wall mural to frame his crib.

My son’s first Christmas, 2007, was marked by a widly publicized lead paint scare. Each day, it seemed to me, a new toy was being recalled. My son was at the age, 9 months, where everything was going into his mouth, so in a effort to ease our concerns my husband and I decided that we would make all his gifts, (besides we needed an excuse to buy a scroll saw).

I think what makes them unique is that nearly all of the products I produce were first envisioned as things my son would use, and in fact, he does have one of nearly everything in my product line. ”

Each item is handmade with pride and great care. Quality materials and the meticulous detail of a mother’s eye ensure your item will last for generations.”


How fun are these Stackable Wooden Toys! Each one lovingly cut and painted by hand (non toxic paint and sealers of course!) Adorable on the nursery shelf and when baby is old enough a fun puzzle toy. My 3 year old was quite delighted looking at these. She loves her wooden fruit and cakes that use the same velcro system so I knew these would be a hit with her.



Sabre giving the new toys her seal of approval!

July 155



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The King of Rock & Roll


I was born on Elvis’s birthday so have always had a bit of a soft spot for him.    When Ari was little I just wanted an Elvis bodysuit so brought some fabric off ebay and had Kobie whip one up – it was my most favourite outfit for him.   It has now been passed on the adorable young Hamish, whose mum is also as cool as me in liking Elvis.  So cute!


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From these photos you would think I don’t provide my child with the basic necessaties of water.

Ari taking full advantage of some recent rains.

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78 to be exact!

Did you notice on our homepage the announcement………over 70 New Items in store 13 August???


Well it was 78 uploads to be exact! Phew! Plenty of new items ranging from dresses, to printed shirts, toys, bibs, clips and lounge sets. Look for items tagged **NEW** in their sections as from today!

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Stunning New Range

I could barely contain my excitement as I tore into our first shipment of delightful new dresses. And then I drew in my breath in a big …WOOOOOOWWWW!   Tissue paper went flying as I opened each carefully wrapped parcel to ooh and aahh over every item. They were even more divine in real life!

The box contained the first 2 styles from a delightful new range, we feel fits in with Ollie Rose perfectly.  Lisa the creator, has a Bachelors Degree in Apparel Design and Production.  She has worked as a Senior  Children’s Wear designer for various companies in the states for the past 12 years and has always wanted to create children’s apparel under her own label.      Lisa says ” I love what I do! ” which makes it even better!   And why wouldn’t you when you are churning out beauties like these. They are all handmade and designed by Lisa in the USA and bought all the way over to Oz for your daughters wardrobe pleasure!  We had a ball picking out styles and fabrics and it is so cool seeing the end result at last.

July 145

I had to bribe Sabre into putting on her size so I could get a few shots.   They really are terrible shots as our yard isn’t the best for photography so I will have to make the effort to get them on some kids and down to a  lovely park for more shots one day. I think you can see however just how amazing the Butterfly Garden Bubble Dress Sabre has on is! It is full, thick and luxurious. A true party dress. The bubble skirt is just so cute and Lisa’s attention to detail is fabulous. Complete with coordinating striped bloomers they are a truly beautiful boutique item.

July 144

July 147

The Beanstalk Bloomer set is the type of classic baby set I adore.  The whimsical fabric is so pretty and the detail on the sets fabulous. Just need to find myself a little model to try them out on.   Ari is visiting on the weekend so I wonder if we can turn him into a girl for a few hours.

July 148

 I am gushing I know….but once you see them in real life you will too! There will be more gush worthy creations coming over the month….tutu dresses, bubble skirts and more!

The above outfits will be in store tomorrow!


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We have always really admired photographs that Mel sends in of her gorgeous boys, so recently we asked Mel if she could take some photographs of our new little and big brother shirts.  As always we weren’t disappointed and I think this one sums up being brothers perfectly.


We will have more gorgeous shots to show soon!


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