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Out in the rough with a spectacular view

Last month I had a quick getaway with the family up the coast. Living in Carnarvon is the perfect place to explore the amazing coastline north and south of us. The Bluff is a small camping area about an hour and half drive north. There is a small settlement where 2 families live permanently and run the camping grounds area. The camping is basic, pull up to the many little clearings along the ridge and make yourself at home. There are drop toilets (gasp-eeek…not an easy thing at the best of times let alone when you have pregnancy super sensitive smell and a very weak stomach!) but no other amenities so it is take all your own water and equipment. Luckily we were only going for 2 nights but the car was jam packed to the roof!

We found what appeared to be the perfect spot. The most spectacular view, a lovely little clearing that even had a little tree, perfect for some mid day shade, a semi walled camp fire, right next to a path leading down to the beach……..and did I mention the view?

july 20 2009 2We could basically watch the surf from the comfort of our little camp and the tide and swell made for some good conditions and it was very mesmerising watching it roll in all day. There were goats all over the ridge and kangaroo’s nibbling the grass around us in the evening.

july 20 2009 (31)

If you don’t want to completely rough it there are some permanent tents set up to book. They looked pretty cool, open air set up, but it is the shower part for me that even with a permanent tent I would only last about 2 or 3 nights and I would start to feel a bit over it.

july 20 2009 (9)

The second day there, the tide had gone out a bit and the swell dropped meaning we could have a dip in the shallows. Well Dan and Sabre did as there is no way I can go swimming unless it is at least 36 degrees! Seeing as it was only about 28,  I could only wade.

july 20 2009 (20) 2

july 20 2009 (18) 2

It was a lovely getaway which had us proclaiming over and over “we should do this more often”……and I am sure we will.



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What has been happening around the Ollie Rose “Studio”……….? Well I am feeling sooooooooo much better than a few weeks ago which is great. I have quite the basket ball popping out from under my clothes now. Will have to share a pic one day when I don’t have food spilt all down the front of my shirt!

There has been a flurry of sewing and I have been trying hard to make multiples of the same item now that I am not doing custom orders. There still is usually only one of each size available so you have to be quick but I hope it is helping people to find something they are after.

We will also be having a restocking of Mountain Aven Lounge Sets and more of Lisa’s delightful range in stock in the next few months.

In the closet is where I keep the stuff that is yet to go online and there is currently a stash of pretty dresses in there just awaiting tags and uploading and a pile of unfinished ones on the cut out table. All should be available next month.

On the floor is a pile of confetti looking scraps fallen from the over locker. They remind me of party string, which is quite appropriate seeing as they are the cutest party dresses. Sneak peak below.

July 156

July 261 2

Also been making a few bits and bobs getting ready for a market day in Geraldton in October. (will update you on further information soon)  A handful of splat snaps….

July 106

..and a mountain of rattles…

May 260

Spring is in the air, the windy season here has started and life here is as busy but fun as always.


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August Newsletter Sign Up


Congratulations to Sharon who was the winner of our newsletter sign up for August. 

Thank you to everyone who signed up to our newsletter this month.  We hope you enjoy reading about what we are up to.


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