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A Tour Through My House

Seeing as we had a little tour at some items through Kobie’s place, I thought I would do the same.    Recently I have been eyeing off some other houses in the area, because they are bigger, shiny and all finished.  But I just don’t think I could leave our place, I love it (well nearly all of it, our laundry is the size of a closet, but I guess that means I can’t fit more stuff in there).  We still have lots of things that need finishing that are half done, but are getting there and have come along way from moving into a sandbox with no floor coverings.

This is our family room.   I love having an open living area.  All the daggy houses we have ever rented, always had horrible kitchens hidden away.  This way I can yell at the kids easier, cause I can spot them.

The heart of the home of course – our kitchen – well my kitchen, Brad does nothing in here except dump his stuff on the bench.

Our dining area, which is more like the place the washing goes.  I really like the chocolate brown wall in this room.

Now lets forget the house and go to my garden.  I love my garden.  It is why I could never leave this house .  It has been a labour of love for the past 3 years, but we are now starting to see the results and it all coming together.  In another few years it will be perfect.

This was it a few years ago – pretty huh!  Just love summers here, howling dry wind and plenty of dust and dirt to match.  But don’t worry it doesn’t look like that all the time, this is it in happier times

Our sandpit contains Brad’s tonka toys from when he was young.  They have lasted all this time, probably not the world’s safest toys considering some are quite rusty, but the kids prefer Dad’s old ones than shiny new ones.

We are lucky enough to have chooks tucked away down the back, which produce great eggs (when they are not being moody and not laying), and a vegie garden as well.  At the moment we are over zucchini, having eggs and zucchini growing, we have had  A LOT of quiche lately.  Our corn has just ripened so we now have some variety at least – hmm corn quiche now probably 🙂


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Beginning to Nest

Mother bird here……… the big due date approaches I am beginning to feel the urge to nest the home! I just have a couple of wholesale orders to finish and get a few things made for the next newsletter and then I have a list of things around the home to do not to mention set up the baby’s nursery.

As mentioned in the previous post I need to paint the dining table and create the canvas over the buffet. Then there are all those nesting jobs that need doing, pulling out the stove and fridge and cleaning under them, sorting through wardrobes and removing clothes no longer worn, dusting away cobwebs from hard to reach places, cleaning the pantry out………all those horrible little jobs I have put off over the last 7 months of pregnancy but want done before baby arrives and another 7 months goes by.

32 weeks

The baby’s room at the moment consists of all the furniture  having been moved in there and the cot assembled. I have then just thrown all the bags of Sabre’s old clothes to go through, rugs to be washed, and all the bits and pieces i have picked up all just piled in there in a big mess!

When setting up the new room I was initially torn between going with a red, pink and aqua theme, or beige and red. In the end whilst browsing IKEA in Perth last month I grabbed the Fabler Quilt Throw which I decided would be a gorgeous new play mat. Then getting it home along with a few other IKEA things, I decided to theme to room around that. Even though the baby wont use a cot quilt initially as it will be born in summer and I prefer to wrap or use sleeping bags anyway, it will still be lovely draped over the end of the chair of the room.

I couldnt find a complete image of it on the Ikea site but here it is folded up and a picture of the bed cover variation. The actual quilt is much nicer itself, more red and sage green.

Just wish I had remembered to grab this floor rug to help hide the horrible brown carpet a bit. Next trip.

I have completed some bunting and made a little pillow cushion and a few softies and just have to make a mobile and perhaps cover some canvases or buy a lovely print off etsy…………and a few more finishing touches and it will be done.

I am enjoying knowing the sex of this baby. Although we set up a lovely nursery for Sabre when we didnt know what we were having it was only a matter of a few months and I was buying all new girl themed things anyway! I was hunting for some pictures of her room but could only find a black and white one. We did however just go with white and cream and then after she arrived it just sort of evolved into no real theme but just pastel girly colours, pink, aqua…yellow. Her room is pretty much the same now, no real theme just all the colours of the rainbow!

I was contemplating redoing her room, but think there really isn’t much point in it when we are still in these rental homes where I can’t do all the nice finishing touches like carpet, paint and blinds that help make a room. Sometimes no matter how nice the bedspreads and accessories are, it never looks as good as it could if it were your own home.

So with a basket of freshly washed baby clothes just off the washing line I am off to do a little more organisation in the nursery. January  will be here before I know it! Will update you on the baby’s room in a few weeks.


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Catapillar Kisses

How sweet are the Caterpillar Kisses!? This is why I have expanded them to not only come on summer onesies but tank tops as well. One for the boys and one for the girls.

Lovely mixes of fabric make up these cool little critters. I toyed with little button eyes but then decided he looked a little too cartoony for my liking so I just left him with antennae and a subtle little half-smile. There are three sweet little kisses around the neck though……….so lovely…so Ollie Rose!

Onesie tanks available in size 3-6months. Onesies with sleeves 0-3 and 3-6months.

Tank tops in 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18months.  If you do want them for sizes 2 and 4 they will be available on request.

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Picture Sharing

Some more gorgeous pictures to share with you.

This is gorgeous Shaylah  whose mum sent in this picture of her with her Nakita Babushka Rattle.

I was so delighted at seeing how happy she looks playing with her. You can’t help but smile right back at Shaylah in that picture.
Then after purchasing Lolly the large babushka doll, she sent in some more pictures of Shayla playing with her big dolly.

Hello little baby!

How cute is that?! Shaylah looks like such a happy little baby and we are so glad she is having so much fun with her special handmade toys. Thanks so much for sharing Beverley.

Some more recent ones we received are of Sarah’s girls in their Sister Shirts.

Such a really beautiful shot!

But then Sarah is a very talented photographer! Check out her blog for more inspiring photos.

Sarah also makes some very divine hair clips and hair ties for little girls and I just purchased these awesome cards from her MadeIt shop.

Pack of 4 cards…go to her store to see the cute designs!

Thanks for sharing Sarah!

You can see lots more photo’s that customers have shared with us in the store gallery.

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Blank Tanks

A huge box of blank tank tops turned up for me! I have been dying for these to get here so I can get a pile of designs I had cut out and bagged up sewn on them and up for sale in time for warmer days and Christmas gifts.

Little goodie bags of the appliques and trims that have been cut out and awaiting the blanks.

The tanks themselves are brilliant. Lovely soft thick but super fine rib. They have double stitched hems and binding around the neck and armhole so they keep their shape and was really well and are that bit dressier than a ribbed vest.

The sizing is a little on the large size but we have provided size charts to help choose the right size. They are tagged a little unusual however………size 6-12months says 12months and size 12-18months says 18months on the tag……but be rest assured they are the sizes listed.

If you are unsure of the sizing dont hesitate to contact us.   I am busy getting most of them made in all sizes to give you even more choice.

Perfect for summer is the Ice Cream Tank……….mmmmmmmmmmm. Waffle cone, pretty sprinkles and a crochet candy flower on top.

And there are quite a few used in some new skirt sets on their way.

Charming Skirt Set

You will see that I have used the pinched shoulder feature like last year as I love this little extra and think it makes them unique to Ollie Rose.

I am trying hard to be organised months in advance.  This is usually always my intention……..start winter now,  however it rarely happens that way for me. I do at least start thinking that way and that is a start isn’t it?

So with that in mind I have been planning a few Easter themed things. I will do more rattles, but a slight variation on these along with some more bunny shirts as I loved these last year.  This set was one of my favourites and I was obviously way more organised last year as t this photo was taken in January as I started sewing for winter! Not sure that will be happening this year with a new baby in the mix!

Winter Bunny Set from earlier this year.

It also got me revisiting my ric rac stash. The lonely jar often gets forgotten up there on the shelf but whilst planning easter and seeing this set again I decided to go a little ric rac crazy.

Yummy looking jar of ric rac

Sweet Bird Tank-sizes 3-6, 6-12, 12-18months and 2 and 4 years.

Tangy Tank Top

Sweet Baby Onesie

Boys haven’t been completely forgotten. Whilst I am not adorning your tanks with ric rac and pinched shoulders..I am putting funky printed designs on tanks for you. The robot parade looks great on these red tanks and you can have nearly all of your favourite animal designs, Gerry, Max, Spike….. on the white tanks.

Robot Parade Red Tank Top

So all I can say now is………keep your eyes out on the site so that soon…. you can get tanked!

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Touring around my home-Part 1

Thought we could take a tour around my home. I love looking at peoples homes and once was obsessed with decorating my home. This has somewhat wanted over the years what with moving so often, having Sabre and running Ollie Rose however I thought if I love it, others that read might too and it will be a good motivator for me to finish a few things around my home.

This is the 5th home my husband and I have lived in over the last 7 years! His job means moving around the state a lot. It is something that is that we try to look on as a good thing though.  It is wonderful to be able to see the state and meet so many nice friends along the way. We are provided with housing that is partly subsidised by his work and  I love setting up new home every couple of years as it is fun to “redecorate”. Trouble is with homes that aren’t your own you can only “redecorate” so much.

Most of the houses are very standard rental like , they all have the same awful tiles, paints and vertical blinds! The home we are currently in is one of the bigger homes we have been in but still features the horrible standard features. It lacks much of a yard but we are desperately trying to improve that.

We have quite a bit of “stuff” as I have always loved house things so it does tend to make even the most horrible houses look not so bad once you get a few of your own nice things about the place. Even though it is not much fun moving so much stuff every couple of years I wouldn’t be without all our own furniture and nick nacks as that is what makes a home.

We currently have a fairly neutral beachy feel to the home. The house itself is light and airy………if you try to ignore the horrible cyclone screens adorning every window and my poor photo taking skills, I hope these photos give a glimpse of the place I call home. 

I often find myself dreaming about if it were our house all the changes I would make. First to go is the brown carpets, then the vertical blinds…….oh and the awful yellow and pink kitchen! Blegh! In would come wooden floors, white wooden blinds and a white kitchen. I could put up pictures where I want, not have to hang something on the weird hook placements left by the tenants from 5 years ago. I long to put up shelves and have some real grass!

All that aside and at the risk of getting a bit mushy, home is always home when it has my husband and daughter in it.

So here is my little tour.

The front entry

In the hallway

A few corners from in the lounge

Dining area buffet

Notice the big white canvas above it. It has been up like that for  8 months! I was painting a picture on it and somehow just have never got there. In fact I quite like it just as it is now and I barely notice it is still blank. Of course anyone visiting the house does and I just tell them it is a picture of a white rabbit in a snowstorm. MUST get this done one day soon.

The dining room table and chairs I hate. Have had them for 7 years and whilst I don’t mind the way they look they are so heavy! I have plans for it however…muahhahaha (cue evil laughter) . Have convinced Dan that I must paint them. It is either paint or we get rid of, so in his effort to keep the table and chairs he has accepted that I will be painting them. I just plan on painting the legs of the table white, same antique rubbed back finished as the other furniture I have painted and keeping the timber top. Would like to then replace all the chairs with maybe these from ikea……

or maybe these?

…but that will just have to wait as there probably isnt much point until we settle in one home for a while.

The gorgeous carved writing desk in the background is from Dans great aunt………and whilst I think how fabulous it would also look white washed…..there is no way I would be game enough! I don’t mind the mix of dark wood with the white timber for now anyway.

We have the desk out in the dining kitchen area this house. Previous homes have seen it housed in a dark spare room somewhere. I much prefer it out in the rest of the home however it can be hard to keep it looking tidy! I have just covered the spines of all the magazine files on top with some pretty blue floral paper and have a few new prints on the shelves but have to take another pic for you one day.

The awesome playroom is one of the best features of the house. There is a sliding door to outdoors from here and the bathroom, laundry, and bedrooms come of this central area. It means all of sabres many many toys can be housed in this one area rather than all through out the house and if it looks like a bomb has gone off in there I can shut the door and try to ignore it!

Now for part 2 is just where Ollie Rose takes place in amongst all of this. But it will have to wait a week or two as it involves me tidying it up in order to show you! I have just put some new shelving in and it is in crisis point in there at the moment with tubs of fabric strewn everywhere!

Also the baby’s nursery will be done soon so looking forward to sharing that.

Stay tuned for part 2!


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Little One Baby Magazine

What a pleasant suprise  I got today.   I went into the newsagnet and brought my copy of the gorgeous Little One Baby magazine. Over my lunch I began to flick through only  to discover our giraffe rattle featured. WOW! He looks so cute and I love the room feature story he is in for Oscar. Especially as my baby nursery will be a little similar to some of Oscar’s items. I have a post on that coming soon!

But grab your own copy of Little One Baby Magazine, such a very stylish magazine with loads of inspiring baby rooms, baby items and stories!


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