Touring around my home-Part 1

November 18, 2009 at 8:15 am 1 comment

Thought we could take a tour around my home. I love looking at peoples homes and once was obsessed with decorating my home. This has somewhat wanted over the years what with moving so often, having Sabre and running Ollie Rose however I thought if I love it, others that read might too and it will be a good motivator for me to finish a few things around my home.

This is the 5th home my husband and I have lived in over the last 7 years! His job means moving around the state a lot. It is something that is that we try to look on as a good thing though.  It is wonderful to be able to see the state and meet so many nice friends along the way. We are provided with housing that is partly subsidised by his work and  I love setting up new home every couple of years as it is fun to “redecorate”. Trouble is with homes that aren’t your own you can only “redecorate” so much.

Most of the houses are very standard rental like , they all have the same awful tiles, paints and vertical blinds! The home we are currently in is one of the bigger homes we have been in but still features the horrible standard features. It lacks much of a yard but we are desperately trying to improve that.

We have quite a bit of “stuff” as I have always loved house things so it does tend to make even the most horrible houses look not so bad once you get a few of your own nice things about the place. Even though it is not much fun moving so much stuff every couple of years I wouldn’t be without all our own furniture and nick nacks as that is what makes a home.

We currently have a fairly neutral beachy feel to the home. The house itself is light and airy………if you try to ignore the horrible cyclone screens adorning every window and my poor photo taking skills, I hope these photos give a glimpse of the place I call home. 

I often find myself dreaming about if it were our house all the changes I would make. First to go is the brown carpets, then the vertical blinds…….oh and the awful yellow and pink kitchen! Blegh! In would come wooden floors, white wooden blinds and a white kitchen. I could put up pictures where I want, not have to hang something on the weird hook placements left by the tenants from 5 years ago. I long to put up shelves and have some real grass!

All that aside and at the risk of getting a bit mushy, home is always home when it has my husband and daughter in it.

So here is my little tour.

The front entry

In the hallway

A few corners from in the lounge

Dining area buffet

Notice the big white canvas above it. It has been up like that for  8 months! I was painting a picture on it and somehow just have never got there. In fact I quite like it just as it is now and I barely notice it is still blank. Of course anyone visiting the house does and I just tell them it is a picture of a white rabbit in a snowstorm. MUST get this done one day soon.

The dining room table and chairs I hate. Have had them for 7 years and whilst I don’t mind the way they look they are so heavy! I have plans for it however…muahhahaha (cue evil laughter) . Have convinced Dan that I must paint them. It is either paint or we get rid of, so in his effort to keep the table and chairs he has accepted that I will be painting them. I just plan on painting the legs of the table white, same antique rubbed back finished as the other furniture I have painted and keeping the timber top. Would like to then replace all the chairs with maybe these from ikea……

or maybe these?

…but that will just have to wait as there probably isnt much point until we settle in one home for a while.

The gorgeous carved writing desk in the background is from Dans great aunt………and whilst I think how fabulous it would also look white washed…..there is no way I would be game enough! I don’t mind the mix of dark wood with the white timber for now anyway.

We have the desk out in the dining kitchen area this house. Previous homes have seen it housed in a dark spare room somewhere. I much prefer it out in the rest of the home however it can be hard to keep it looking tidy! I have just covered the spines of all the magazine files on top with some pretty blue floral paper and have a few new prints on the shelves but have to take another pic for you one day.

The awesome playroom is one of the best features of the house. There is a sliding door to outdoors from here and the bathroom, laundry, and bedrooms come of this central area. It means all of sabres many many toys can be housed in this one area rather than all through out the house and if it looks like a bomb has gone off in there I can shut the door and try to ignore it!

Now for part 2 is just where Ollie Rose takes place in amongst all of this. But it will have to wait a week or two as it involves me tidying it up in order to show you! I have just put some new shelving in and it is in crisis point in there at the moment with tubs of fabric strewn everywhere!

Also the baby’s nursery will be done soon so looking forward to sharing that.

Stay tuned for part 2!



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  • 1. Sara  |  November 18, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Yaaaay – LOVED part one, you’ve done so well! It looks so airy and beachy and homey!. Can’t wait for part 2.


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