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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas…….

Oh it is so exiting now! One more sleep to go.

I am finding it especially fun this year now that Sabre has a much better understanding and is so exited herself. In fact she is desperately begging me to fill up the mug with milk for Father Christmas as I type this….I am busy telling her that he might not like sour milk if we leave it there all day so it will be best to do it before going to bed tonight.

She has also “accidently” torn a corner of gift wrap of one of the presents under the tree, then exclaimed it must be for her because she can see pink. 

I just can’t wait until the morning to see her face when she discovers the trampoline that Father Christmas delivered her. We wrote our letter to him at the start of the week asking for one and she was a little concerned over how he would fit it in his sleigh but I assured her he would. Must remember to charge the video camera battery tonight to capture some fun tomorrow.

Today will just involve some preparation and cooking. Our actual Christmas day will be fairly quiet. We have my sister and brother in law here and will be doing a lunch. The morning will be a present opening, a big breakfast followed by putting together the trampoline….oh I hope this doesn’t take too long?  We aren’t able to do it tonight as Dan is working so hopefully Sabre will have enough patience with her other gifts to keep her busy whilst she waits tomorrow. We can then all burn lunch off by some exuberant jumping on the trampoline. Well….probably not a good idea for me this late in pregnancy……..hmmmmmmm then again…..

Table setting will be fairly simple. Just the ordinary dinner ware we use but add a few baubles and a bon bon and it is instant simple Christmas. We will probably have a relaxed afternoon of beaching and a refreshing drink somewhere before Dan goes back to work that evening and we can have leftovers for dinner. Ahhh my favourite bit of Christmas……..leftovers and a relaxed warm summer evening reflecting on the great day.

Sabre with Father Christmas at playgroup last week. At little unsure but at least she would get close to him this year unlike previous years.

Whatever you are doing today in your Christmas preparations  and for Christmas Day, Jemma and I are hoping that you all have fun and joy in doing so and that tomorrow you have the most lovely day!

 Ollie Rose will be remaining open of course….unless of course that trampoline jumping does get things moving around here and I deliver a Christmas baby!


December 24, 2009 at 1:30 am 2 comments

New Stockist – Flower Child


If you live in New South Wales you can now find some giraffe rattles at Flower Child, a store who sells nappies, fabrics and lots lots more.

Pop on down and say hi to Salena.

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Slow progress in the heat

Ever so slowly getting bits and pieces off my list done. Slowly slowly! Hard to do anything fast when my baby belly is expanding at great speed. I feel like I might split open at any second and there are still 3 weeks to go! Also not helped by the fact we have had 4 days in a row over 35 degrees with 2 of them being 40 degrees. Meaning my already puffy feet are even puffier and needing icing in a bucket or putting up often.

Not much more progress in the baby’s room yet. A picture for the wall done (will post pics soon) and a few more things washed and unpacked but still need more finishing touches and to pack hospital bag.

Christmas cards…..oh I fear I will never get them done! About half are complete but there is a whole other half that I need to find addresses for people for. I MUST MUST finish those this week.

Cleaning……….hmmmmmmmmm ………not too much progress on that front yet. Pffftttt, too hot!

Painting kitchen table. Well that has started. Paint and brush is purchased and started sanding it down a little.

Painting canvas over buffet………..nope! No progress yet. I did however get this awesome email from a lovely customer with a suggestion.

From the Martha Stewart website. Punched holes in a canvas with little fairy lights in them. Looks so pretty doesn’t it! Thanks so much for the suggestion Jo. Not sure if I will be able to do it yet, but am going to give it a go.

Then when Sabre saw me making the picture for the baby’s room she wanted me to make her something for her room. I decided to do this for her.

Covered an old set of IKEA drawers with some gorgeous papers and painted them white.

Sitting on top of her drawers to hold all her jewellery and bits and pieces.

I really should be winding up on the sewing front but I just can’t help myself. I fear I might still be sitting at the machine in 3 weeks time in between contractions! At least it helps pass the time I guess.


December 16, 2009 at 12:22 pm 4 comments

It’s a jungle out there

Fans of Alexander Henry’s Juicy Jungle fabric will be over the moon with the new items in store. I have finished up my stash of this gorgeous fabric to create a few gift items and bits and pieces.

Gift Sets with a special Giraffe Rattle friend.

Another gift set…this one witha gorgeous bib and wash cloth along with the onesie.

Some handy palm sized mini wipes/washcloths. Cute little packages of handy cleaning goodness.

Lots of coordinating loveliness!

And don’t forget the trendy Diaper Diddies by Patacake Baby on site.

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More Babushka Love

Was delighted to receive this really cool gift from my lovely friend Suzie in the mail for my birthday. They are Babushka doll kitchen measuring cups…… cute!

Each top and bottom of each nesting doll is a different measurement.  Along with a very lovely printed tea towel in a Babushka print. Pretty nifty eh!?

And whilst we are on the theme…… tank tops have been  loaded onto the site. Pretty Nakita Babushka appliques on fuchsia tanks. Sizes 2 and 4 available.

December 10, 2009 at 4:56 am 3 comments

Christmas Spirit

Some Christmas sprit from around home.

How cute are those Santa babushka’s. Got mine from Rudy and the Dodo.

The tree………not happy with it yet. Needs more tinsel and would like to find some silver bird decorations…….yet to do so, can find every other colour but silver. Of course it looks pretty in the night as I have overloaded it with twinkling fairy lights.

Wait a minute!………..who’s is that hiding in there?

Our dinosaur friend put in there by this little Angel I would say.

Vase full of pretty twinkles.

My other great find this Christmas……reuseable wall decal …only $5 at local Red Dot store! Bargain!

Because I see this every time I walk in I am stuck with this Christmas Carol in my head every day!

A few more little things here and there and the spirit has truly arrived at home. Now if I could just finish shopping once and for all. Every time I think I am done I think of one more little thing to get. I am ever so close to being done though. Now just to get through the Christmas wind up’s…….playgroup, music time, Dan’s work, daycare……the list goes on and the time just keeps flying by faster and faster….jsut hope I can keep up my stamina and spirit as every day I grow more and more tired! Bring on the big day now! Christmas and baby!


December 9, 2009 at 12:52 pm 2 comments

How Charming

3 Charming Skirt Sets are now on site. All are one off’s so you can get something truly special and unique. Made using lightweight denim, the skirt is an a-line shape, with an easy to wear elastic waist. The bottom has been trimmed with quilting charm squares all patchworked together to create a pretty finish to the skirt.

They have been paired with fabulous tank tops with gorgeous detail. Pinched shoulders, layers of fabric flowers and felt leaves.

Size 2 in the purples, size 3 in the Turquoise and size 4 in Pinks.

December 9, 2009 at 4:54 am 1 comment

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