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Calico & Co

Freckles was recently feature on the fabulous Calico & Co Indie and Handmade Blog.

Thanks Amanda for including one of our rattles in your Etsy feature.


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Barley and Birch

Kids get dibs on the future. Let’s give them a good one.

We are so pleased to be stocking this fantastic Organic range by Barley and Birch.

The shirts are made using  100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks. (They don’t pollute the earth, water, or expose farm workers to toxins.)

Also, at least 15% of their profits go to several carbon-reducing initiatives in order to fully offset the carbon emissions that result from the production of our garments. And at least another 15% goes to organizations that improve people’s lives around the world.

Having lived and worked in countries ranging from Haiti to El Salvador to New Zealand, Kyle, Barley & Birch’s founder, found herself wanting to continue to help the many organizations that she had worked with, all of which were working hard to improve their communities. After earning her degree in environmental science, Kyle then also found herself wishing that the “organic” clothing that she was purchasing for the children of friends and family was a little cuter and a lot more environmentally and socially responsible. The solution soon became obvious: Kyle needed to create her own line, holding it to the highest social and environmental standards, and give the profits to organizations working to improve the lives of people all over the world.

I just love how amazingly soft the shirts are and the designs are so fun and funky.

LOVE this cactus tee!

And the Oak Tree shirt is fantastically unique.

Then there is the very cool Wave design (far left) and the stylish Poppies (far right). All exclusively available in Australia to Ollie Rose. Available from size 6-12months.

The WAVE, OAK and CACTUS designs are listed under FOR BOYS, and the POPPIES under FOR GIRLS, however I think that all the designs are very gender neutral. I can see Sabre in the Oak Tree one….love the orange.

Now your little one can look super cool and you can feel good about supporting planet saving clothes.

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Alphabet Street


Ollie Rose is featured on the fabulous resource Alphabet StreetAlphabet Street is your one stop shop for all things kid related in Newcastle.

At Alphabet Street you can find everything you need to know, including some fabulous places to shop and a comprehensive directory.

Thanks Penny for featuring Ollie Rose on your great site.

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Introducing Esmae

Introducing little Esmae Miller!

A week has flown by already! Baby Esmae arrived last Sunday afternoon.  I spent the day doing some last-minute sewing whilst I had a few mild contractions with them only getting stronger late in the afternoon. Before I knew it I was at the hospital and there was no stopping her then. I still think …why on earth were we designed to get a  baby out that way!!! What was our creator thinking! …But of course now she is here it all starts to become a hazy memory.

Sabre meeting her sister just after she was born.

The hospital here is fantastic and very comfortable, however by day 2 I was more than ready to come home. It gets a little boring sitting around when you feel well and I felt I would get more rest at home. Since coming home the week has absolutely flown by and Esmae has fitted in beautifully.  Not a stitch of sewing has been done of course,  it is all about feed, settle and sleep and the time just flies by. It is true however…second baby is so much more relaxing when know what you are doing so I am enjoying the passing days.

Big Sister Sabre is adjusting slowly. She got sick when Esmae came home and had a rough first few days but with Daddy home and Grandma here she is getting plenty of attention and I am trying to spend a few special moments with her and be extra patient. Sometimes when I ask her to look after Esmae whilst I go out of the room and pretend to do something I sneak back to watch and can hear her talking to her and doing tickles or “Round the Garden” on her hand.

Playing Dolls with her little sister

Proud big sister

“Smiles” in her sleep

We also took Esmae up the coast to the Blow Holes for her first beach outing at 6 days. She slept the entire time and missed it all but I am sure somewhere in her subconscious she enjoyed the day!

So now she is a week old and I am sure I will be bombarding this blog with lots more photo updates of her!

I also want to say thank you for all your emails and messages of congratulations and well wishes!


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New Baby

Just a quick announcement, with photos to follow later:

Esmae Miller 

born on  10th January 2010 at 5.46pm

She weighed 3.445kgs (7.85lb) and is 51cms long.

 All are doing great .

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All is set…just waiting for the baby now!

I have completed the nursery! It is funny how when we were expecting Sabre I had it done by about 30 weeks of pregnancy…..would have been even earlier but I had to keep telling myself to wait or there would be nothing left to do. This time I have just gotten it done with 5 days before due date.

Am pretty happy with it. Of course if  I could put in lovely white wooden shutter blinds, hardwood floors and make the room twice as big …oh how nice……..I would love it even more! Hardest part of a rental is making the weird places that hooks seem to be work for the artwork you want to hang!

Tiny room but I like the cozy feel of it.

Paper mobile for baby to gaze at whilst having nappies changed.


Pretty hanging garland that I will string elsewhere once baby is big enough to move around but like it here for now.

Few stuffies and little pillow to match bedding.

Made some bunting to match bedding and add a bit of cheer.

Frame for presonalisation once baby is here……just incase you thought that was Dan and I in that picture 🙂

Paper covered blocks I made yesterday.

Hospital bag mostly packed and waiting. Baby toys washed and ready. Lovely big trunk made by Dan’s clever dad.

Tree collage I made and framed.

 Now all I need is for the baby to come along and make the room even cuter! Off to bounce on the trampoline!

Kobie x

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New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

So what is new around Ollie Rose for 2010. You may have noticed our new logo and site that we started changing late last month.

Our gorgeous new logo was designed by the very clever Andrea at Design and PR Girl and we just love it.

These new shirts are onsite now and more gorgeous designs and some info on them to follow soon.

New bibs in fabulous new fabrics coming soon.

Gift sets…also coming soon.

On a personal note…..I have a new hair colour. Gone is the white blonde and the dark red brown is in it’s place. Don’t love it but it is growing on me.. .literally hehe!

I have gone dark every couple of years and then head back blonde again. At least there will be no regrowth to manage for a while.

I did paint the dining room table legs.

Not sure I like that yet either but it does need a bit more sanding and of course the new chairs and I might be satisfied. Too late now anyway! 🙂

And what hasn’t changed …

The canvas above the buffet is still blank…..


Bump is still there..

and Ollie Rose is open for business and hope to bring you lots more lovliness for 2010. Things might start off a little slow for us as I slow down on the sewing front however we have been working hard the last few weeks to source and bring you lots of fantastic handmade items and other exiting products in the next few months.

We may also have a brief store closing or postage delay over a few days once baby does make an appearance but we will keep you updated on here and post a notice on the site.

Jemma and I are hoping your 2010 is the best year yet!


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