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Olympic Style

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics….it has been snowing around here! Well at least all the bits of towelling fluff around the Ollie Rose headquarters make it look  as though it has.

My legs covered in "snow"

All in order to make plenty more of these:

Plenty of  bibs, burp cloths, wipes and washers……to catch whatever baby throws at you in style!


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Pretty Paper Craft

I have been enjoying a break from fabric during machine breakdowns and doing a bit of papercraft. I most recently made a personalised name picture for Esmae like the one I did for Sabre.

Esmae’s name frame.

Sabre’s name frame.

A few months ago after making the paper covered drawers I made the picture seen above for Sabre so I decided to do a few original peices of Collage artwork to put in the shop for sale. Each made with handcut papers, die cuts and machine stitching. Along with some more Birdhouse Theme Pictures like above,  I made a few more Leafy Tree ones like I did for Esmaes room (see below). These will be available at Ollie Rose soon.

All are original one off’s. They are sold unframed, A4 sized and fit perfectly and look great in IKEA’s Ribba frames. They will be available after the big move.

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Shop 4 Kids

Wow, what a cool week this week was to discover three of our rattles in Shop 4 Kids Magazine.  The mag we both absolutely love and always buy so we can drool over all the cool stuff.

Think this one will be framed and popped in the “pool room”.  I have been bragging where ever I can.


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Packing up, moving on and keeping busy

What a huge way to start off 2010! Esmae joined the family, bringing me slamming back to reality about how time consuming a little baby is, Ollie Rose is as busy as ever with plenty of new stock to still launch as no sewing is being done by me, and then I though I would throw an interstate move into the mix. Yikes! Those who subscribe to our newsletter would have read that Ollie Rose is moving from WA to the Northern Territory next month. My husband is changing jobs and we are taking a transfer to the magical Darwin.

I have barely had time to catch my breath with a new baby, I am now in the midst of having a huge house clean out yet again, and organising a move. Stress levels are at an all time high! I can barely make my brain function at the moment! I would have to say that I am very exited though.

Darwin is such a magical city. I have never wanted to live in a city before…much prefer small towns, but Darwin only just qualifies. It still has that small town feel but with a lot of big city facilities. It will be fantastic not to have to rely on my family to buy even the smallest things like cotton and post it up to me…the fact that I will have access to sewing supply stores will be so much easier…and possibly dangerous for the old Ollie Rose wallet.

I was scouring our photos for pictures taken when we went over to Darwin from Kununurra but seeing as we spent most of our time in shopping centres..hehe..I couldn’t find anything personal to add. Here is a great shot of the city from the www however.

March will also see Ollie Rose participating in the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt again (Yay) however we will have to have a shipping delay or close store at the end of march as all the stock gets packed up and begins it’s long journey up north. We will keep you posted on what will be happening with the store and we hope it wont cause too much inconvenience.

In amongst all of this we have lots of fabulous new products due in store and more to launch once I am all settled in the new home. It will be a huge few weeks!

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Wattling Wabbits

It’s hard not to put on an Elmer Fudd voice when talking about the Rattling Rabbits that are now in store.

With it’s soft body, which is just right for baby squeezes and her floppy years, perfect for nibbling, she will make a beautiful addition to the family.

The back of her head is soft minky  which is  delightful for baby to stroke  and she makes a fun rattle sound. The perfect baby rattle for a new baby gift or for a little Easter present for non chocolate eating little ones.

Lots of fun fabrics but all one off’s so be quick to get your favourite.

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Puppy Love

Well I managed to get a few more vests done in between feeding, burping and baby gazing. A few for little boys this time.

Crochet puppy appliques on lovely patches of designer fabrics. Summer baby perfection!

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How Lovely and Sweet is Sweet William?

Oh I am so in love with this fantastic range of prints.

In particular I think this Alphabet print, we are super pleased to have in store, is just divine. It is the perfect piece for a child’s bedroom, baby nursery or a playroom. Bright, cheerful, vintage styling, unisex and unique.

A glorious mix of typography, vintage images and hand drawn illustrations done by  Paula Mills, put together to create a very special ABC, for anyone aged from 0 to to 100!

 Each print is a high quality, using archival inks, on matte heavyweight, bright white card, which will be signed and dated. Simply find a frame, IKEA’s RIBBA frames are perfect and you will have a enviable peice of art in an instant.

You can see it featured here in this sweet Nursery tour on OoDeeDoh.

Sweet William has come about from sisters – Shelley Gardner, Paula Mills and sister in law Jeanine Mills – who share a passion for all things creative, make, draw, sew, collect lots of lovely, sweet things and drink endless cups of tea!

Their beautiful vintage styling is gorgeous and we are sure you will love this amazing print as much as we do.  You can find it HERE in our store in two sizes.

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