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Pottering around

At last [big sigh] most of the unpacking is done. There is a pile of pictures we can’t yet hang as there aren’t any picture hooks here yet and a few other random things that don’t have homes yet but mostly we are done.  So done that in fact it has gone from lovely and tidy and new, to gathering bits of my crafting and Ollie Rose all over the place making  it look like we have been here for years! The table is covered in papers from a bit of paper craft.

Been making cards…

… and these for my girl’s rooms.

And this for Kellie over at MooWoo’s new baby boy. HAD to do personalised seeing as he has such a cool name. ehehehe

The coffee table has a little pile of these pretty petals on it that will soon become hairclips. Aren’t the sunset shades just lovely!

Reminding me of this divine rose…

And these fairy floss ones….

…reminding me of………mmmmmmmmmmm

On my desk is the squashed and very tangled mess of the mobile that didn’t get packed so well and will take me a month just to untangle. Will probably be best just to cut off all the threads and start again!

I tend to flit from project to project leaving a trail of things all over the house!

And as for the actual room that is supposed to be dedicated to Ollie Rose, well that is still a bit disastrous. I will finish unpacking and sorting it this weekend I hope (and find the missing very large roll of towelling fabric I hope! ) and in the mean time there are about 6 projects I have started in there all over the place.

All of the above are becoming shirts and there are lots of other cute ones to come.

I also must get to the outside and finish up a few things out there. We got a few seedlings on the weekend and planted those and I picked up a gorgeous turquoise pot which will house some water plants and little fish. We have sealed the water hole up and filled it with water and if all is good by the weekend we will pop over to the pet shop to get the little fish.

I was hoping for a water-lily however these need full sun and I didn’t want the pot out in the garden so will opt for some other plants instead and let a bit of duck weed cover the surface just because it looks so pretty.

So I am pleased to report that in amongst the last of the unpacking there is a little bit of new items for Ollie Rose getting made. Also in the works is some stocks of other very cool hand-made items to hit the store soon.

All I need is more hours in the day!



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Oh so pretty rags!

Never have you seen such pretty rags! Our lovely new Raggy Quilts and Security blankets put a whole new meaning on rags that is for sure.

Made by the very clever Emily of Rags and Ribbons each one is crafted and clipped by hand. She uses a wonderful mix of pretty colour palettes coming up with modern quilts in a classic design.The shabby chic nature of these quilts with their fluffy edges makes them extra soft and extra cuddly and they just get better and better with each wash.

Available as security blankets measuring approximately 43×43 cm they will be a much loved cuddle blanket for baby to snuggle up to and for you to be able to pop in the pram or hand bag and take with you making sure baby feels at home and secure wherever he or she may be.

The play mat quilts are 75×75 cm and you will be the envy of all the Mum’s at your Mothers Group when you pull out this amazing quilt for baby to play on.

Find them here! Some of the designs are limited so don’t miss out on your favourite one!

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Handmade Collages for the Modern Nursery

If you are after unique pieces of artwork for your nursery or home you will love these collages.

Made using die cuts, paper and machine stitching each one is unique. They have lovely modern colours without being too cutesy so are perfect for a modern nursery and will grow with your child and their room over the years.

They are A4 in size and come unframed. They fit perfectly in the popular IKEA Ribba frame or it will be easy to find another frame in this size for your artwork.

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Layers of lovely

I don’t think we have ever had such a delicious looking box of goodies arrive.

All the lovely colours, all folded and packed so neatly!

Made by the hands of mum of 2 children Maria from Mom and Mia Quilts.  Her bundles of burp cloths are a gorgeous collection of quality designer fabrics backed in terry cloth making them absorbent and easy to care for.

Having a young baby I can’t say enough about how invaluable burp cloths are. I have them scattered all over the house, in my bag, pram and car. And when they are made in beautiful fabrics they are even more pleasant to have scattered all over the place or hanging over my shoulder.

A pile next to the chair where I feed Esmae from.

If you are not familiar basically they are to have in place of the old piece of cloth or rag that you might normally have draped over your shoulder to mop up possets (that word cracks me up….obviously more pc than saying spew!) and anything else baby might throw at you! And I use mine to mop up any excess milk that might drip or should I say spray out at times!…. when breastfeeding. In fact I have even used mine as an emergency change mat to lay Esmae on when changing her on a public change table and I didn’t have my normal change mat.

And then there are new Reversible Strap Covers. I love these! Our car seats came with their own strap covers however I found them too big and bulky especially at Esmae’s age. These covers are much more compact, soft and comfortable for her. They protect babies delicate skin and make the strap comfortable across the shoulders and neck….and they look darn cute to boot! Esmae tends to dribble and chew on hers but being reversible I can always flip them over before washing them and to give the seat a new look.

Of course they are equally as useful and lovely on pram straps.

They are all available now. You can find the strap covers here in Out and About, and the burp cloths here in Bibs and Burps.

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Barley & Birch Special

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I don’t recommend it

My goodness what a month it has been. Moving interstate and travelling over 4000km in a month with a young baby…I don’t recommend it! Talk about a month of your life just disappearing in a haze of boxes, cleaning old houses,  looooooooooooooooong phone calls to get yourself back online, trying to get my brain to remember who else I need to notify of changes of address … let alone the whole baby thing. Poor little thing was often fed on the go then got passed off to any other hands that were around or popped in the bouncer so I could race off and do the next job.

Thank goodness Ollie Rose was able to just survive. Luckily Jemma could keep the online side going and between each other with hundreds of texts and phone calls we managed. Amazing how much you miss email when you don’t have it.

Also just taking in the emotion that I have moved even further from family at a time that I would really like to be living closer to them has hit me too. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy to be in lovely Darwin it is just that I have been on a roller coaster of being terribly exited to terribly nervous to just plain numb wondering and hoping that we have done the right thing. Then poor little Esmae has been a bit unsettled. We are still trying to figure each other out and I am sure she has no idea what is going on and where she actually lives after all the homes we have stayed in for her short life. Sabre is coping well at least. She is at a great age that she is also finding it exciting and possibly not realising how permanent it is. She does say on a regular basis however that she misses Carnarvon and her friends and I have to agree with her but then we just talk about all the great new friends we will make and all the things to do here.

Living in a city itself is so busy! Doing anything is taking much longer and the distraction of the shops is still magnetic for me! Loving the shops but hoping the novelty will wear off soon or my bank will be hunting me down. Driving….makes me nervous thinking about it. Having never lived in a city and never driven in one much at all I get major hear palpitations when I set off on the road. I did buy a navigator which is helping. That is probably funny to people who have lived in cities and know that Darwin really is quite small and easy to get around but without it I wouldn’t be going anywhere 🙂

I probably need to remember this:

Maybe I could stick a set of these magnets to my rear vision mirror!

Anyway the house is mostly unpacked but the Ollie Rose studio is a bit of a mess still. All the stock has been neatly displayed and the fabrics folded and stacked but as for all the other bits and pieces of who knows what………well I am hoping the magic fairies will just pop in one night and tuck them all neatly away for me. Not much actual creating getting done yet but I am getting itchy fingers so it wont be long. We have a tonne of new stuff in the pipeline so it is just a matter of getting back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. Lots of lovely new things from across the globe have made their way to our new home however and we are delighted to be stocking them.

So I am finally pleased to say we are here and that things are getting back on track and can’t wait to update you with more soon….after those fairies have been of course. [wink]

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She’s back


Whoo hoo Kobie is at long last,  after some very painful and long conversations with a certain Telco…… online.

So now she is back in the land of the living we will be working on getting some new products and our newsletter out.


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