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I heart Missoni

Do you love the Missoni signature prints as much as me?

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Isaak Bedding by Missoni home

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Growing up as kids we were lucky enough to spend a lot of time with our cousins. Some of my favourite memories are from hanging out together at our Nan & Pop’s house in a very small outback town.    There was always so much to do and things to get up to, we had a real freedom with it being such a small place.

The old hot rods in the yard would provide hours of endless imaginative car chases for us and we loved converting the old chook yard into a vegie patch with our cousin Peter (seen above).  It was a tough mission digging in that hard red dust.

Even though we live miles and miles apart and have done since having children, the kids get along great and when together are like best friends (until of course the fights break out).  I hope when they all grow up and more are added to the brood, they have great times like we used to have with ours.

Here is a picture of just some of us together all grown up (with many missing)

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The Indie Tot

Ollie Rose was recently featured on the lovely Independent Blog “The Indie Tot

A big thank you to the team at the Indie Tot for including Ollie Rose on their fabulous blog.

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Mini Crafter in the making

One of the activities I do with Sabre in between working is art and craft, we love doing it as much as each other.  We have a big tub of all sorts (just like Play Schools Useful box )  which I can also get out for when I have a bit of Ollie Rose work to do and that way Sabre can sit with me and feel like she is helping me by making things.

I have loved watching her drawings develop from scribbles to that very first person drawing. I find it fascinating the way children make this leap and they way they interpret people….big long legs and body’s that combine heads like big Mr Potato people!

She now takes the opportunity to make all sorts of  drawings on any scraps left laying around….oh how those bills look just like scraps!

A moment of brilliance (no mother bias here) was when she snuck sheets of paper of the printer, did a drawing (scribble) on each one then asked for sticky tape. I reeled off enough bits of tape and watched her stick all the drawings together in a  big line. She then asked me to draw numbers on them all. I numbered them from 1 to …… She then announced it was ready and asked me to hang it up vertically in her room. I was confused as to what she was making until after it was up and she then moved with her back against the wall and said “how many am I mum?” It was a growth chart!

She is now right into colour and everything is rainbow!

And loves my paper scraps

Before we moved I had to take down all the artworks that adorned the house. Like a gallery, she would do her drawing then hunt out some blu tak, find a nice blank wall or surface and proudly stick it up and stand back with her arms folded and exclaiming “there doesn’t that look great mum!?” and I always had to agree.

It did make me a bit sad taking them all down however, like a moment of how much she had grown up. The transition from being 2 anda half when we got to that house and just doing monochrome scribbles,  to being three and a half when we left and drawing things I could recognise. THe house had been adorned for so long I barely even noticed them anymore until a guest would comment on the bits of paper stuck up in really weird places, even one in the toilet!

Looking forward to when she is at Kindy next year to see all the crafty things she brings home.


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Sibling Shirts Special

For a limited time only, you can find all of our Sibling shirts on special for $19.95.


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Moustache Craze

A portion of today was spent having a bit of a look around Etsy.  It has been a while since I have browsed the stores, so thought I would take some time out today to do so.

And what I noticed is there seems to be a bit of a moustache craze going on.  37 pages of moustache items just on Etsy.

It would seem you can get a moustache on just about anything.

Moustache  Plug   Moustache Tea Cups

  Mustache Necklace  Moustache Pin

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At my house….

Today I have followed the links via facebook and onto the Buttons by Lou Lou blog and have decided to take part in a cute little linkathon called “At my house“.

At my house today it has been all about the garden.  After a quick trip to Bunnings for some seeds and seedlings, I have started to replant the vegie garden after the last chicken attack.

We have growing from seed,  pumpkin, cucumber, capsicum and tomato.  Already in the vegie patch we have lettuce, spring onions, chives and corriander.

I have also started paving around my vegie  beds.  I know when Dad visits he is going to comment on the haphazardness of my paving, but he does not quite understand that I am going for the rustic look.

So that is what has been happening at my house today. 

If you would like to join in, why not head over to Button’s by Lou Lou and link up.


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