Mini Crafter in the making

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One of the activities I do with Sabre in between working is art and craft, we love doing it as much as each other.  We have a big tub of all sorts (just like Play Schools Useful box )  which I can also get out for when I have a bit of Ollie Rose work to do and that way Sabre can sit with me and feel like she is helping me by making things.

I have loved watching her drawings develop from scribbles to that very first person drawing. I find it fascinating the way children make this leap and they way they interpret people….big long legs and body’s that combine heads like big Mr Potato people!

She now takes the opportunity to make all sorts of  drawings on any scraps left laying around….oh how those bills look just like scraps!

A moment of brilliance (no mother bias here) was when she snuck sheets of paper of the printer, did a drawing (scribble) on each one then asked for sticky tape. I reeled off enough bits of tape and watched her stick all the drawings together in a  big line. She then asked me to draw numbers on them all. I numbered them from 1 to …… She then announced it was ready and asked me to hang it up vertically in her room. I was confused as to what she was making until after it was up and she then moved with her back against the wall and said “how many am I mum?” It was a growth chart!

She is now right into colour and everything is rainbow!

And loves my paper scraps

Before we moved I had to take down all the artworks that adorned the house. Like a gallery, she would do her drawing then hunt out some blu tak, find a nice blank wall or surface and proudly stick it up and stand back with her arms folded and exclaiming “there doesn’t that look great mum!?” and I always had to agree.

It did make me a bit sad taking them all down however, like a moment of how much she had grown up. The transition from being 2 anda half when we got to that house and just doing monochrome scribbles,  to being three and a half when we left and drawing things I could recognise. THe house had been adorned for so long I barely even noticed them anymore until a guest would comment on the bits of paper stuck up in really weird places, even one in the toilet!

Looking forward to when she is at Kindy next year to see all the crafty things she brings home.



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