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What will spring bring?

Still much too hot in my part of the world to inspire me for winter so spring dresses and tank tops it is! I have been sewing up a storm for the last month getting ready for spring. There  is a mist of pink in across the room….. lots of chiffon, tulle and fluffy rosettes, pretty pom poms and lacy skirts.   The wardrobe is bulging at the sides with Vintage, Shabby Chic, Liberty and Candy inspired peices. There is also a collection of dresses in beautiful fabrics from the US that are awaiting pressing and photos. All up there are about 35 new items there already! And boys I have some extra funky fabrics for tanks and shirts in the pipeline and we have a range of cool new shirts on the way.

I have started photographing them for the long process of editing and uploading. Bring on spring!


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Kimono Cuties

Lovely Kimono styled shoes made for us that I adorned with a crochet flower for a touch of sweetness.

Blossom Bliss in store

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This gorgeous shot was sent in by Mel and Geoff.  Geoff from Golden Orb Designs Landscape Photography, took this lovely photo of sweet Maddi.  Dad Geoff and Mum Mell are putting together a fantastic lady bird themed party for her next month so the dress is for the party.

The fabric was a sheer embroidered cotton that I lined and added some trims to.

Doesn’t she look so sweet in her dress and number 5 birthday brooch?

Make sure you have a look at some of Geoff’s work as well, he takes some amazing landscape shots.


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Mmmm the fun and mess begins

I have started Es on solids! So the fun and mess begins along with the need to create her a new stash of bibs. And in doing so I will be giving the Ollie Rose bibs a makeover. The everyday bib will remain but 2 new bibs will join the collection. A smaller first feeding bib…the Baby Bib (yep imaginative name I know!) and the Mod Toddler Bib, a larger modern shaped bib.

The Baby bib measures approx  23x26cm with a smaller neck opening and mostly  made with classic print designer fabrics.

Also a limited range of beautiful Japanese linens in this size bib.

The Everyday bib is approx 23x31cm with a mid sized neck opening and made with a variety of gorgeous fabrics.

And the Mod Toddler bib is approx 25x36cm with a mid sized neck opening and in lots of funky fun fabrics that toddlers will love too.

All three are backed with easy care double-sided towelling. Making sure they are super absorbant…nothing worse than taking a bib off afer a juicy meal to find bub is soaked anyway. They then wash up and dry easily after use.

Here is Esmae having her first taste of Baby Farex in a Japanese Linen Baby Bib.

Hey guy's what is going on? What is this thing around my neck?

Oooh that looks like fun!


Gimme more!


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The real birthday

Well today is the real birthday. The first thing Sabre said when she woke this morning is “awwww I am not any bigger” . I am not sure what she was expecting! 🙂

It is true, you are constantly wondering “where has the time gone?”
From this 4 years ago….

to this……

then this…….

and then 4!

4 wonderful years of joy, love, tiredness… tears, happiness, amazement and fears. Happy Birthday Miss 4.


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Hmmm Pretty

Ever since I was very young I have always quite admired cake decorating.  I have a memory from when Mum used to make decorations and finding them in a container in the fridge and eating them.  Still to this day I love that sugary icing goodness of cake decoations.  I have always wanted to try it, but as I am not one for taking my time, nor patience, I am not sure how I would go.

Hence instead I spend my time drooling over fabulous blogs, where it is obvious they have the skills and patience to come up with beautiful creations.  I think I would be trilled if I could even ice a biscuit this beautifully as what they do on Cake Journal.

And oh my gosh, have you ever had a really good look around Bakerella?  Seriously I think I am in love, in love with the idea of being that clever.  I am sure if I manage to create something like this for christmas, I will impress the family?

All these beautiful cakes and decorations have at least inspired me to see if I can make a biscuit that looks like a biscuit, or a cupcake that does not look like it is from the Masterchef Blooper files this weekend – wish me luck, in not eating it all because it it looks so bad.


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Talking walls

This was last weekends project. Staple gun, favourite fabrics and few different sized blank canvas.

I put some up in Sabre’s room…

Whoops..just noticed her S is hanging upside down! hehe

Two nights after putting them up I was awoken in the night to her sobbing that she had a bad dream. She was crying saying “the pictures are talking to me” “take them down they are talking” So we had to remove them in order for her to go back to bed that night. The next morning I asked her if she remembered her dream to which she said she did and elaborated that the pictures had been talking to her and they were mean and they said “we are going to throw sand at you!” We had a giggle about such a strange dream and then put the pictures back up. Such an imagination!

Esmae’s are complete but I just need a few more 3M hooks to put them up in her room so here they are on Sabres wall.

I will share her room once they are up.

I also put up a few more fabric ones in the Ollie Rose room along with a canvas I painted a few years ago.


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