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Time to share some shots of the Ollie Rose room. The spare room in my place has been taken over for a few years with all the craftiness and stock of Ollie Rose. 

It is definitely organised chaos. Having moved 3 times since starting Ollie Rose each room has had the same basic set up with a few changes according to each place. This is the biggest room it has been in and probably my favourite. It has plenty of light (all be-it through the horrible security screens!) and the tiled floor is easy for quick sweep ups. It is still so very far from my dream “studio” which involves built in cabinets, painted walls, wooden floors and white louvered windows….but I still am very fortunate that I can dedicate a whole room to it. Oh wait…..not a whole room as one whole side of this room has just had the guest bed put in it.  Sorry poor guests you have to sleep in amongst all this choas…..oh and could you just sew a few things up whilst you are in there 😉

The ready made stock is housed on shelving. All squished in there and not displayed very prettily but it works.


Magnets on a board, necklaces hanging from the tree and buckets of giraffes.


Some lovely fabrics on the wall and an old canvas I painted years ago that has been hidden in a cupboard for years is getting an airing and helping to brighten it up.

Now this is where things start to get messy…….appears all organised on the outside, lots of labeled boxes, but open those lids and it is like a rainbow threw up! Ribbons sorted by colour but then all jumbled in a box. I admire those people with lovely spools on a wooden dispenser on the wall but I don’t quite work like that. When I am searching for ribbon, I up-end the box and jumble through them. I fear if I had a rod with the pretty spools, I wouldn’t put them all back on it so pretty for next time in my crafty craziness.


The even messier trims box!

Plastic drawers housing cottons, elastic, other tools and other bits and bobs.

Buttons, press studs and more bits and bobs in plastic containers.

Jars with ric rac and smaller buttons.


Fabrics housed on the shelf, partly organised by colour, partly by type and partly by what I use it for.

In the closet………bulk fabrics, 3 tubs of pieces half yard and less and clothing sewn but not yet ready for sale.

The sewing desk. A handy desk on wheels so I can cart it around the house if need be. Not the best for when sewing bigger projects for which I sometimes move to the kitchen table for, but when sewing day to day stuff and putting the overlocker housed underneath with the spare sewing machine, I have enough room on it and find it quite comfortable. I can then house all the bits I need on the pull out keyboard tray in a cutlery tray on some non slip lining. Works a treat!

Then under the spare bed are more tubs of fabric (blush) and boxes of wood, glues and who knows what else! I certainly don’t even think I know all of what is under there!

Squish in the ironing board and that is it! I house the shop clothing in another closet as there just isn’t room in there since putting the guest bed back in. I keep looking at our huge garage which has its own screened doors and large window and the adjoining door which leasds into the house, painted concrete floor and ceiling fan and imagining hwo good it would be if Ollie Rose moved in there, but I just don’t think the weather up here will allow it. The sun beating through the roll up door would get too hot and soon it will be a very humid build up season which would make it unbearable. Nice to dream though.

Well that is it. That is where most of the action happens!



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