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The ever growing list

It is funny how Ollie Rose is as busy as ever but my free time gets less and less.

I know filling the store is a bit slower of late and items are selling out fast but we thank you for your continued support and patience.

This is my ever growing list of things I want/need to make.

*NEW printed shirts for the boys-they are at the printers now so hope it wont be long
* Finish the new Summer Skirts in pretty florals and the Molly dresses in the same fabric. 60% done
* Finish the tanks for the gorgeous new tulle skirts. 90% done.
*Large Babushka Dolls-nothing cut yet but they are in my head to start soon
*Collage and printed artwork-some are started but lots of work to do still
*Top up Babushka Hair Clip holders- a few done but need ribbon for others
*Baby vests-waiting on new vests to arrive
*New linen bibs-fabric is here just a time issue…these tend to go to the bottom of the list
*Printed girls shirts-design halfway complete but still prob about 2 months away to be printed
*Skirt sets for the girls…want to go fabric shopping for these but need to also use up some of my stash to make one off’s
*more gift sets

Now this is only the priority stuff. There is still the baskets and baskets of half completed projects to finish and a million other things that need restocking or launching but the list above is my aim for the next 2 weeks. Lets see how far I get with all that…..anyone know how to add a few extra hours in the day?!



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New Stock

We are pretty delighted with some of our new commercial stock helping to expand Ollie Rose into a bigger better store. We have decided to stock more products that are in keeping with the feel of the Ollie Rose store but are not  handmade.

Things like beautiful knitted rattles and toys…

Too cute luggage tags….

and cool water bottles….

Fun toys…

Must have kitchen items or popular gifts…

We are sure you will love these additions to all our handmade items making Ollie Rose your true one stop shop!

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Fun in the sun, fun in the rain

A few shots to share from the last month.

Fun filled days at the wave pool…

And happy times in the rain…

And at 7.5 months Esmae is finally sitting on her own!

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Pretty wares

After my girls received some of these pretty bracelets as gifts I knew we just had to have them in store to share.

They feature handmade lampwork beads, swarovski crystal butterflies on either side, swarovski beads and stirling silver spacers.  The bar and clasp are silver plated but very durable.

I think they make the best gifts….especially by Sabre’s age when she has so many toys and things it is really nice to get some special items.  That said you don’t want them so special and expensive that they can never wear them for fear of loosing them!

The bracelet can fit up to approx 7 years of age. Sabre is just loving wearing hers….especially because it has a rose on it…perfect for Sabre Rose!

In store now here!

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Seconds stock

Many have already sold but there are still some great seconds items in store to be had.

They are all handmade dresses that have some stitching faults. However as they are not quite up to the high Ollie Rose standard they are being sold as Seconds. The faults are minor and wont affect your little one wearing a stunning handmade dress, in fact as they are all on the insides no one would even know!

Find them marked SECONDS in FOR GIRLS.

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Bring back memories?

Do these gorgeous vintage decal images bring back memories for you too?

My original sheet of decals.

Modernized in these beautiful tank tops…

Sweet  wash cloths….

and not quite loaded in store yet but soon to come, bibs and baby vests.

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Millie Millie you have done it again!

Oh boy I am really love, love,loving the new range of handmade cards by Millie Designs we have in store….

The striped cards with the whimsical designs. Her simplicity and uniqueness makes them the nicest cards  you can imagine. The type of cards you want to pop in a frame and keep!

You can find them in FOR GIFTS here.

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