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All Grown Up

Eeek, my baby boy is nearly 3 years old, where has the time gone?

I think the last 3 years have really flown by, probably because I haven’t sat still much in all that time, but really they have gone super fast – ridiculous really.

We have started to plan the 3rd birthday party with gusto, it will be a loader, digger, dump truck affair as Ari is absolutely and totally in love with the yellow and black trucks, and at the ripe old age of nearly 3 will quite happily correct me if I should call a machine by the wrong name, including Bobcat, which he insists is a Catbob, and not the other way around.


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Billy Mac Clothing

We received a lovely message from Christina of Billy Mac Clothing, to let us know that she had featured our fox shirt in her blog post on some MadeIt T-shirt favourites.  So thank you so much Christina for including us.



If you have never seen Billy Mac Clothing before, make sure you check them out, some seriously cool prints!

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Babushka Clip Holders Back In Stock

It has been some months since Kobie has been able to finally build up the stocks of clip holders again, but at last she has managed it and included Nona in the range for this year.

These have always been a popular gift item since they were first released a year and a half ago and are perfect for display all those clips that are just too pretty to hide away in containers

Hopefully soon we will be able to replenish stocks of all our cool Babushka themed items in time for the silly season.

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Winner – September Subscription Competition

The winner of our September sign up competition has now been contacted, so we can reveal the lucky winner:

Congratulations Sonja Newton

Your prize pack is on it’s way.

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Around my garden

With all the sickness in our house once again, it has made me want to get down in the vegie garden and put a bit of work into it, so we have more fresh vegies and herbs over summer.  Usually I let it die off in summer as with the hot winds, it takes a bit too much work to keep it looking as lovely.

We have an abundance of carrots and celery at the moment so I have been hunting out tasty vegetable juice recipes so I can try and get as many vegies into Ari as I can. I am not a huge juice person, so am finding it quite hard working out what combinations may be nice for him.


Our lemon tree is situated in the chook pens and we are always trying to give away lemons as we can’t keep up.

The herb pot took a real beating in the warm weather whilst we were away, but the mint is doing great.  Perfect in summer salads for extra zing.

The carrots don’t grow very big around here, mainly as the kids pull them out a bit too early!

The corn is going great guns again this year, so am hoping for a nice crop this year – love corn.

And lastly I have to share a picture of my rosemary bush.  I have had the same bush for about 10 years now, it has been transplanted at every house we have lived in. It was given to me as a small cutting by my very dear neighbour and friend in Toodyay, Mrs Bee.  It is absolutely huge now.  If only I was able to show her now.

Speaking of vegies, I had better hop off and start the vegie stirfry we are having for tea.


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Darwin Break

Sabre, Kade & Ari patting a crocodile

We have just returned from a little break up in Darwin visiting Kobie and her family and I thought I would share a couple of snaps of our trip.

Of course we played tourist and visited all the must see attractions such as Crocodylus Park.  Ari loved the baby crocodiles and was very excited to be able to hold one with him making lots of ahhhhhh baby noises as if it was a small fluffy kitten.

We also ventured out to Berry Springs for a swim in the beautiful water holes.  Definately refreshing from the hot Darwin weather.  The kids favourite place was the awesome wave pool.  It was hard however convincing a 2 year old he could not surf the waves in on his own as he can’t swim.

The market scene was vibrant and fabulous with a trip to Mindil Beach Markets.  So many people and things to look out, I could easily have ventured back for another look.

Ari having a rest on a rock in Berry Springs

Darwin is definately a beautiful City with its lush gardens.  On our drive home yesterday to Geraldton I was staring at the crops which have turned and the bushes and dirt sighing, as we can never have those lovely lushness here.

We are however, very glad to be home, amazing how one little trip can be so exhausting.


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